Switzerland-Based Solar Startup Perovskia Is Bringing Solar Indoors With Its Printed Perovskite Cells

Perovskia is a Switzerland-based startup that has developed a perovskite-based solar cell technology that can be printed directly onto glass. They’re currently utilizing this technology to enable solar cells to be added to indoor devices. They’re targeting indoor devices as perovskite solar cells have a linear production curve that doesn’t … [continued]

Himiway CES Team gathers for a picture.

What I Learned At Himiway’s Booth At CES 2024, Plus Its 8 New Models!

In this article, I cover news of what Himiway showed at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) while also including what I learned about the company’s existing product line and e-bikes in general. CES Announcements At CES 2024, Himiway Bikes announced several exciting new products and innovations in the e-bike … [continued]