ChapGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image of an electric truck covered in circuitry charging at a truck stop

Dirt Cheap Batteries Enable Megawatt-Scale Charging Without Big Grid Upgrades Right Away

Battery prices have continued to plummet, frankly faster than even battery optimists such as myself dreamed of. We’re seeing commercial, scaled, price points that we didn’t expect to see until 2030 or later. That has big implications for electric trucking. In 2022, a kilowatthour of battery capacity cost US$159. In … [continued]

Image courtesy of Cynthia Shahan | CleanTechnica

How Europe Can Use Tariffs As Part Of An Industrial Strategy

T&E’s paper looks at electric vehicle imports into Europe and what an effective response on both EVs and batteries might be. The sales of battery electric cars in Europe have been growing quickly, with 2 mln cars sold across Europe in 2023 alone. But given China’s edge in battery technology … [continued]