Carbon pricing

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated create a panoramic image of an infrared view of methane leaking from a natural gas processing facility, dollar signs in the plume

US Industrial Natural Gas Consumers Could See 56% Higher Bills With Methane Leak Price

Remarkably, in 2022 the USA managed to get a greenhouse gas price through Congress. It wasn’t on carbon dioxide, the biggest problem, but it was on methane, the second biggest greenhouse gas problem we humans create. Perhaps more remarkably, it was explicitly on the oil and gas industry and excluded … [continued]

2035: Clean Grid 90%, Electrify 50%

For those deeply interested in our future energy system and how it will evolve, I highly recommend two in-depth papers published in the last year. Here I will show a similar vision step-by-step using some of the same assumptions and publicly available data using “back of the envelope calculations” (spreadsheets).