california high-speed rail

China May Help Finance California High-Speed Rail

Originally published on EV Obsession. In a rather interesting turn of events, it appears that China Railway International is working with the Chinese Export-Import Bank to potentially finance a portion of the proposed Californian high-speed rail line between Los Angeles and San Francisco, according to reports. The Chinese organizations responded … [continued]

High-Speed Rail Groundbreaking Today

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will be present today at the groundbreaking ceremony for California’s new high-speed rail route between San Francisco and LA, according to recent reports. The ceremony — being held in Fresno, California — will see California Governor Jerry Brown, California High-Speed Rail Authority board members, and various … [continued]

California High-Speed Rail Is Moving Forward

This article first appeared on Gas2. California’s high-speed rail project has gotten the green light to begin even with many political obstacles still on the table. The overseeing board of the California high-speed rail project has said that the first 65-mile stretch of rail between Fresno and Merced will be exempt from … [continued]

10 More Electric Vehicle Stories

Haven’t had enough electric vehicle (EV) news lately? Check out these 10 EV stories below. 1. Toyota has unveiled the ME.WE concept EV. It’s a cute little car, reminiscent of a Mini Cooper, in my opinion. Its floors and horizontal surfaces are made of bamboo, an interesting twist that I imagine could … [continued]