Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

ChatGPT & DALL-E panoramic image of a cavern underground full of water with an engineer in a hard hat looking at it and scratching her head.

Compressed Air Storage Redux — LightSail & Hydrostor

The other day, I published my doorstop assessment of the thermodynamics and operational challenges that limit compressed gas storage solutions, pushing them into the 100 GW of also-ran capacities. In comments in various places, people reminded me of the long-defunct LightSail and the now-getting-press Hydrostor. A bit of followup with … [continued]

Curtailment Is The Easy Answer

In a recent article, we found that curtailment of renewables may be cheaper than grid scale energy storage. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best solution. However, given the complexity of electrical grids around the world, we should also look at all of the available solutions to make sure we … [continued]