bioweapon defense mode

Tesla’s Air Filters Are Way Better

Air quality has been at the center of many discussions around climate change lately, especially as wildfires have ravaged certain parts of North America over the summer. Although some of Tesla’s vehicles are equipped with a Bioweapon Defense Mode that circulates air through a HEPA filter, most cars from other automakers … [continued]

Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode With Memory, Smart Powerwall Storm Watch, & Tesla’s Software DNA

A few weeks ago, a Rich Stefani tweeted something to Elon Musk. Highlighting just how abnormal Elon Musk’s Twitter habits are — and just how atypical Elon is — he responded to this gentleman. I use the words “abnormal” and “atypical” because Rich has just 23 followers (and has only tweeted 29 times). It’s not normal for a billionaire CEO with 25.6 million followers to care much about what people tweet his way, let alone respond to them. It’s not typical for a billionaire CEO to spend a lot of time conversing with the unwashed masses (no offense, Rich). Though, it is typical for Elon.