Business Lessons From A Radical Industrialist (#CleanTechnica Occasional #Bookclub)

Instead of halfway measures and greenwashing, Ray Anderson oriented Interface to the singular goal of having no net negative impact on the environment, something it calls Mission Zero®. Interface hasn’t hit Mission Zero® yet, but that goal has been woven into the company’s DNA. He passed away years ago, but that vision remains integral to the company’s culture.

What Thermoelectric Power Generators Must Overcome

Originally published on the ECOreport. A new National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) study found that a “finely tuned carbon nanotube thin film has the potential to act as a thermoelectric power generator that captures and uses waste heat.” This is significant because “more than half of the energy consumed worldwide is … [continued]

SunPower’s Maxeon Solar Cell Technology: An Audit via Life’s Principles

By Paige Kuplic, Carol Gustafson, and Jeremy Frey Life’s Principles represent inspirational guidelines gleaned from a fundamental reconnection with nature, an ethos that celebrates sustainability and an emulation of nature’s genius. This collection of patterns, are representative of the survival strategies that have worked for over 3 billion years. There … [continued]