Bike-sharing Programs Growing In US

People for Bikes recently published an infographic with many compelling facts about the increasing popularity of bike-sharing programs in American cities. They say currently there are 1,700 sharing stations with 17,000 bikes for sharing or short-term rental. For example, San Francisco has 700 bikes at 70 stations.  Other cities they … [continued]

Capital Bikeshare bicycles. Image Credit: Capital Bikeshare

Capital Bikeshare Avoided 4.4 Million Miles Of Driving Annually ($704,000 Of Gas)

Editor’s note: If you like statistics, you’ll like this post. If you like bike statistics, you’ll love this post. Some interesting stuff here, and a lot to chew on. The article is reposted from Bikocity. Members of the Capital Bikeshare service drive 4.4 million miles (198 miles on average per … [continued]