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1st Solar Bike Path In Germany Is Now Live

This is one of those combos that always seems like a cleantech solution made in heaven: bike paths covered by simple solar PV roofs. Bikers, using the cleanest mode of transportation on Earth, get a little relief from the sun or protection from the rain while also being separated from … [continued]

Barcelona Unveils “Superblocks”

Originally published on Bikocity. In a new wave of socially and environmentally conscious planning, Barcelona is taking back its streets from cars. The plan will convert up to 60% of the streets from road to green spaces, bike paths, and a boardwalk for pedestrians. To begin, a square of 3×3 city … [continued]

Bicycle & Transit News Link Bomb (Bike Commuting, Hyperloop, Facebook Ridesharing…)

Carrying on with these “link bombs,” here’s one dedicated to bike & transit news (and views): Bicycling Bike Commuting 101 Bicycle Infrastructure Fail(s) Bogotá Gets Two-Way Bike Lane On Important Street How Bikesharing Can Gain Popularity Bikesharing A Commuter’s Business Bikeshare Transit Act Introduced to Help Fund Bikeshare Projects The Ultimate Indicator of a Bicycle-Friendly City Meet The Affordable, … [continued]

$100 Million Colorado Bike Program Launched

Via Bikocity: Colorado hopes to become America’s “best state for biking” with the launch of a $100 million scheme to foster the usage of pedal-powered transportation via heavy investment in cycling infrastructure. States Governor John Hickenlooper unveiled the ambitious public-private project to spend in excess of $100 million over the next four years on encouraging bike usage … [continued]

More Bicycle Friendly Communities for the U.S. — Los Angeles, Miami, and Nashville

Bicycle friendly communities are exactly what it says on the tin — communities taking steps to make cycling safer and more accessible for everyone. The League of American Bicyclists recognizes and awards five levels of BFCs (Bicycle Friendly Communities, of course) — Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. As of this month, 47 of the 50 states can claim to host BFCs. […]