The eWolf electric tugboat, image courtesy of Crowley Maritime Corporation

New Electric Tugboat Unveiled At Port Of San Diego

The Port of San Diego recently unveiled its new electric tugboat, the eWolf. The electric tugboat runs only on electricity, whereas a conventional tugboat uses diesel fuel. The new electric tugboat generates no carbon dioxide or unhealthy air pollution such as particulate matter. Air pollution at ports is a well-documented … [continued]

Greenlane Announces 280-Mile Commercial EV Charging Corridor From Los Angeles To Las Vegas

Greenlane’s initial corridor sites will be located on Interstate 15 in Colton, Barstow and Baker, California, with additional sites to connect the corridor to Southern Nevada and San Pedro, California. The Colton flagship site will include 60 charging stations for heavy-, medium- and light-duty zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs). As the demand … [continued]

Solar farm bringing clean energy to local community. (Photo: Business Wire)

Sunrise Mountain Partners & CleanCapital Expand Development Activities

Sunrise Mountain Partners, a developer of renewable energy projects, announced this week a significant expansion of its strategic co-development partnership with CleanCapital. CleanCapital, a diversified energy company, is one of the top owners and operators of C&I and DG solar and storage projects in the U.S., having deployed over $1 … [continued]

Einride CET pulls in to charge at Einride's Lynwood Smartcharger Station (Photo: Business Wire)

Einride Smartcharger Station Unveiled in Los Angeles, North America’s Largest Operational Charging Site for Electric…

Strategically located near the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the Lynwood Smartcharger Station will serve Einride customers to fast track the region to electric freight with 65 chargers having the ability to charge 200 vehicles a day The Smartcharger Station was built in partnership with Voltera, a developer … [continued]

Washington State’s Emissions Allowance Program’s 1st Auctions

Washington State wrapped up its first full year of auctions for tradable emission allowances in December, as the state considers joining an integrated regional greenhouse gas reduction program with California and Québec. In 2021, the Washington state legislature set up a cap-and-invest program that creates tradable emission allowances as a measure to … [continued]