Smart Grid

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Creating the Self-Healing Grid of the Future

Sandia leads development of algorithms for resilient microgrids ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Self-healing electrical grids: It may sound like a concept from science fiction, with tiny robots or some sentient tech crawling around fixing power lines, but in a reality not far from fiction a team of researchers is bringing this … [continued]

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Will Cleantech Align Itself With Ethical AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and cleantech adoption are largely considered to be one-and-the-same these days. AI is compressing and analyzing the massive amounts of data that the cleantech industry produces. It can help optimize solar and wind farms, simulate climate and weather, enhance power grid reliability and resilience, and advance carbon … [continued]

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Questions From Investors On Electrification & The Grid

A couple of weeks ago, I presented to a group of institutional investors, clients of Jefferies Group investment bank. One of the big questions was regarding what they should be considering in terms of regional, national, and regulatory concerns for grid investments. That was worth a full article of its … [continued]

California Cleantech Leadership in 2023

When I started with Union of Concerned Scientists back in January, the California legislative session was just ramping up. As bill introductions trickled in, it became clear there would be plenty of opportunities for UCS to leverage our science-based research to inform world-leading policy solutions. As the trickle of bills … [continued]