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About Troy Teslike

Troy Teslike I'm a Tesla addict. I love everything Tesla related. I'm also a big fan of Google Sheets. Any project where I can combine the two is excellent for me. I try to be helpful to the Tesla community. All my projects are free and open to the public. The content I provide is not investment advice.

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Tesla Delivery Estimate: Q3 2020: 144,000 | Q4 2020: 187,000

September 15th, 2020 | by Troy Teslike

The following is an update on my previously published estimates for Tesla's third quarter (Q3) 2020 deliveries. My Tesla delivery estimate is now 144,000 for Q3, 187,000 for Q4, and 510,387 for 2020. I think 500,000 in 2020 is still 95% likely. Here is the latest version of my 2020 Tesla deliveries table

Tesla Delivery Estimate: Q3 2020: 140,000 | Q4 2020: 194,000

September 3rd, 2020 | by Troy Teslike

Editor's note: For at least a few years, Troy Teslike has been tracking Tesla reservations, orders, and deliveries to a degree I have not seen elsewhere. I have used his data several times to help create my own sales reports, and as reference work for other articles. Troy has decided to start contributing content for CleanTechnica based o this work. Below is an initial article. If you appreciate what Troy is providing for the public, I encourage you to contribute to his Patreon account: Patreon.com/Teslike

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