Author: sgrinwis

Fuel Cell Economics vs Batteries

We’ve been hearing a lot about fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) lately, thanks in large part to Toyota and its Mirai. But how does a FCEV really compare to a battery-electric vehicle (BEV) like the Tesla or a LEAF?  I wanted to look at the economics between FCEVs and BEVs, and then … [continued]

Canadian CO2 Emissions: A Perspective

Where are Canadian CO2 Emissions Coming From? I ended up digging a little bit into Canadian CO2 emissions after my last article, and thought that our readers might find it interesting…. This article relies heavily on the Government of Canada publication titled “Canada’s Emissions Trends,” which the government put together as … [continued]

Canadian Climate Change: No More Excuses

A Brief Overview on Canadian Climate Change Canada is known for many things: Large expanses of beautiful wilderness, being overly polite, our unique pronunciation of the letter ‘A’, and also, unfortunately, the tar sands. The tar sands can only be described as an ongoing ecological and climate change disaster. This … [continued]

Road Trip In The Smart Electric Drive

The Fear Of Road Trips Often discussion of short-range electric cars raises a terrifying specter: The Road TripTM. According to the internet, this is a pastime that the entire world engages in, at least bi-weekly. Furthermore, these road trips cover distances of thousands of miles. As such, short-range electric cars … [continued]

Air Pollution From Cars Harms Babies

I’ll be honest. I found this surprising, even for someone pretty heavily biased towards electric vehicles. However, a study out of Princeton and Columbia did a pretty robust analysis and this is their conclusion. They took advantage of the introduction of E-ZPass to compare and contrast groups of pregnant women … [continued]

Canadian Renewable Energy Report Card

Yesterday we talked a bit about a potential renewable energy record in Ontario. The ensuing discussion turned to comparing the various provinces in Canada. This included how the country is doing as a whole, and how a high-watermark-style record doesn’t really capture how much various power sources contribute to Canada’s … [continued]