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Lighting Efficiency Can Reduce Costs Up To 30%

  New energy-efficiency requirements have created a large market for energy-efficient lighting equipment in the US, and can reduce electrical costs by up to 30% per month. Consumers are eager to not only adopt products that have the least impact on the environment, but also reduce energy consumption. Rockefeller Foundation … [continued]

How Much Incandescent Bulbs Really Cost

  With so much misinformation out there, consumers are not being given good information about lighting. There is especially poor reporting about the ongoing elimination of 100w, 75w, 60w, and 40w incandescent lamps from the national inventory. In fact, incandescent lighting is not being eliminated or outlawed, but what is being eliminated … [continued]

PNC Bank Leads with Energy Efficiency

  For many companies trying to increase profitability without increasing costs, reducing electrical consumption provides a very attractive return on investment. There is a direct correlation between capital investments in energy reduction and profitability. With the economy trending in an upward direction, more and more businesses are looking to go … [continued]

Connecticut Installs Energy Monitoring System

  A new monitoring system will allow facilities managers at up to 100 state buildings to achieve cost savings by identifying and addressing inefficiencies in energy use associated with building operations. Installation of the EfficiencySmart Insight service from EnerNOC, will give state facilities managers and EnerNOC technical advisors access to … [continued]