Author: Scott Cooney

2024 Predictions In Climate Policy — Interviews With Gabrielle Jorgensen, Mark Z. Jacobsen, & Peter…

As part of our predictions in clean tech for 2024 series (see this post on predictions in AgTech), today, I’m posting research on climate policy and interviews with top climate policy / science experts: Gabrielle Jorgensen, the advocacy director and a co-founder of Climate Changemakers, a non-profit climate advocacy program, … [continued]

Taylor Swift on her Eras tour. Image by Paolo V (CC BY 2.0 license), via Wikimedia Commons

Climate Change Killed A Swiftie — How Will Taylor Swift Respond?

Yesterday, we learned that Ana Clara Benevides died as a result of extreme heat while attending a Taylor Swift concert in Rio De Janeiro last month. The incident happened November 18, and the investigation by the coroner concluded yesterday that the cause of death was the insane heat that blanketed … [continued]

Image (sea surface temperatures on July 9) courtesy of Brian McNoldy/University of Miami/NASA/MSFC/SPoRT

5 Great Tips (Plus A Bonus) To Help You Handle A Climate Denier At Your…

If you’re here, it means you’ve got at least one climate change denialist in your community that you’re dreading interacting with at Christmas dinner. I feel you. I’ve got a few in my life, too. So … as I approach holiday meals, I do my best to make sure that … [continued]