Author: Kurt Lowder

Elon Musk Claps Back

I am not a Tesla shareholder, so listening to Elon Musk on the Tesla Q1 2018 conference call was absolutely enthralling to me. You can tell he is really tired of all the Chicken Little’s screaming “the sky is falling!” With mostly good humor, a few stiff interjections, and a hang up, he made plenty of news in the conference call. He gave a very short intro, basically saying that he is finally pleased with production of the Model 3.

Will Tesla Build Homes?

I know, I know, I know!!! Tesla needs to finish the Gigafactory and ramp up Model 3 production. Then, Tesla has to start production of Model Y, the Tesla Semi, and a Tesla pickup. However, my ADD mind cannot stop thinking about Tesla homes (and commercial buildings), and I just got a flicker of hope that this may come true!!!

Tesla’s Secret Weapon

The Tesla “secret weapon” is not some new technological innovation, but rather it is a set of ideas proven effective by research and that can likely be found in a book titled something like: How to build a successful company for the future for idiots. No doubt, Musk has read extensive literature on the subject.

Is Tesla Ever Late? No, Not Really.

Now, such a headline could easily make many people roll their eyes. However, a case can be made that Tesla is moving the world towards sustainability at “ludicrous speed.” Investors are annoyed that Musk does not set predictable targets and meet them in the conventional (boring) way. Instead, Tesla determines that he and his crew will burn the midnight oil in the way Sir Isaac Newton did to achieve greatness in science as much as possible.