Author: evfsmyth

Next Generation Of Lighting-Class LEDs

Cree, Inc. recently announced the creation of the XLamp® XB-D LED, the first LED based on the new Cree technology platform. According to the company, the XB-D LED delivers twice the lumens per-dollar of other LEDs, in the industry’s smallest lighting-class footprint of 2.45 mm x 2.45 mm. The lamp … [continued]

US Foods Lighting Retrofit Cuts Energy by 8%

US Foods recently announced it will save an additional 2 million kilowatt hours (kWh) by retrofitting lighting throughout the organization. Since 2007, the company has decreased overall energy use by approximately 8% (34 million kWh) through lighting retrofits alone. “We’re exploring many more opportunities for energy savings throughout the company,” … [continued]

Solar LED Runway Light Wins Future Airport Award

QUICK NEWS: The Solar LED Runway Guard Light, the result of a joint development project between Caramanah Technologies Corp and ADB Airfield Solutions, has been named Airport Technology of the Year by the Future Airport, a publication from Global Trade Media International. The combination of cost efficiency and significant carbon … [continued]

Fluorescent Lighting Prices Continue to Rise

Manufacturers warn a decline in the supply of rare earth metals will continue to drive the cost of fluorescent lighting even higher. Over the summer, every major lamp manufacturer announced significant price increases due to the shortage of rare earth metals. Then, prices were forecasted to increase between 5% – … [continued]