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About David L Roberts

David L Roberts is a marketing consultant to renewable energy startups.

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China and Local Installers — the Big Winners in the Solar and Wind Energy Price Wars

October 1st, 2011 | by David L Roberts

Reports from the clean energy industry show China has surpassed the U.S. in market share and pricing for PV solar panels and wind turbines, while offering comparable quality and reliability. The consequence of this recent Chinese dominance has caused the demise of companies like Solyndra and Evergreen, the most visible examples of bankruptcies in the pipeline for U. S. manufacturers. And these sales difficulties have occurred despite federal tax incentives and rebates from many utilities still being in place, such as NVEnergy's (Nevada) Solar, Wind & Hydro Generations programs

SunScience a Game Changer in Delivering Solar Energy Benefits to Farmers, Off-Grid Communities & Disaster Areas

June 2nd, 2011 | by David L Roberts

When you think of solar energy, you tend to think of decades-old, inefficient photovoltaic panels delivering electricity. You think of them in fixed positions on the ground in massive utility-scale arrays and on rooftops of businesses, government buildings, and homes. Think again, because SunScience has developed as the flagship of their product line a "hybrid" solar system called DG1 that integrates both concentrated and thermal solar power for a highly efficient energy footprint.

Clean Energy Goes Mainstream with Earth Day

May 27th, 2011 | by David L Roberts

All of us are beneficiaries of the paradigm shifts of credit cards and ATM’s; desktop computing and the Internet. For each of these widespread social shifts there were risk-taking start-up companies and “early adopter” consumers that helped lead social and economic change. In the case of today’s clean energy and energy conservation movement, we’ve come a long way from tree hugging by unshaven men (and women), saving the whales (and otters), Greenpeace and recycling in a few tangentially interested California neighborhoods. Going green has become more than an idealistic cause by the liberal left, to more broadly being recognized as an economic imperative

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