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What 2014 Meant For Wind In 5 Graphics

AWEA Blog By Emily Williams How much was installed in 2014? In 2014, 4,854 megawatts (MW) were installed in the US – over four times more new wind energy than in 2013. There were about 2,500 turbines installed in 19 states – enough to power 1.4 million average American homes. … [continued]

What The Falling Price Of Wind Power Means

AWEA Blog. Peter Kelley. Wind energy has never been more affordable, the Department of Energy’s Berkeley National Laboratory announced recently in releasing its new 2013 Wind Energy Technologies Market Report and a companion slide presentation. Wind means lower electric bills for millions of Americans across the wind-rich states. That value to consumers is … [continued]

Benefits Of Wind Power (For Real)

Into the Wind By David Ward Wind power is supported by a wide majority of Americans and evidence suggests that where there’s more wind power, there’s even more support. That support is backed up by real benefits. American wind power creates good-paying jobs, attracts new private investment in our local, state, and national economies, keeps electricity … [continued]

A Stroll Through WINDPOWER 2014

Originally published on Into the Wind. By Peebles Squire    At this year’s WINDPOWER conference, my feet have obediently carried me to all the meetings, workshops, and receptions I’ve needed to see. One thing I’d yet to do, though, was take a comprehensive tour of the showroom floor. Though weary, my … [continued]

Rebuttals To Exelon’s Anti-PTC Campaign

Originally published on Into the Wind. By Peter Kelley Last month, AWEA released a report that comprehensively rebuts claims made by Exelon, the largest merchant owner of nuclear power plants in the country, that the renewable tax credit is significantly affecting its profit margins. Since then, a growing chorus of other nuclear … [continued]

Ohioans Are Bonkers About Renewable Energy (POLL)

Originally published on Into the Wind. By Peebles Squire  It’s official: Ohioans are big fans of clean energy, according to the results of a new survey released last Wednesday and summarized in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Out of 600 Ohio voters surveyed, 72 percent responded that they favored renewable energy sources … [continued]