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Introduction to ArcoTech

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Arco Technologies Inc, a Delaware company, is the only company in the world with an advanced disruptive AEM electrolysis technology, capable of producing hydrogen from water with very high efficiency. In addition, it has developed a revolutionary advanced fuel cell technology that converts hydrogen back into electricity, returning the water used in the cycle. Arco Technologies is driving innovation for a sustainable future. Our suite of solutions is strategically designed to address the key challenges of the low carbon transition. Through our innovative patents, we make hydrogen affordable, paving the way towards a sustainable zero carbon future. Our DIRECTLINK™ fuel cells and SUPERNOVA™ electrolyzers are redefining clean transport. These technologies offer a highly efficient, low-emission alternative to fossil fuels, significantly reducing carbon emissions. DIRECTLINK™, adaptable to different transport modes, is setting new standards for sustainable mobility.

Going into the specifics of our technologies:


When we talk about mobility, we talk about DIRECTLINK™, our patented electric transport device that integrates PEM fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries in a technologically synergetic structure. Directlink enables a 15% increase in energy efficiency over the best fuel cell systems, while costing 20% less. In addition, our technology incorporates HYDROREC™, an additional patent that allows 100 per cent fuel utilization, minimizing energy waste. Arco also supports a system integrator with a first-class H2 propulsion design in the aerospace and mobile energy sectors.


Our SUPERNOVA electrolyzer represents a breakthrough in the market for hydrogen production. With our two proprietary innovations, Supernova can produce hydrogen at a very high pressure of 80 Bar without a compression stage, which enabled us to be selected by Shell in the Game changer Program. In the power to gas market, Supernova hi Pressure allows a 10% increase in conversion efficiency compared to the best Electrolyzers on the market.


In the age of energy transition, hydrogen is emerging as one of the key elements for a sustainable future and is doing so in America, Europe and Asia. The revolution is already underway, as evidenced with the agreement between Italy, Germany and Austria to develop the SoutH2 Corridor, which is an important step in the transition to a more sustainable and climate-neutral Europe. The project involves the construction of a 3,300 km long pipeline that will connect North Africa to Central Europe via Italy. This hydrogen corridor is destined to become one of the main arteries for the transport of renewable hydrogen, and this is a great business opportunity for Arco.

There’s also the news that Bosch Group has confirmed its goal of achieving a turnover of around 5 billion euros with hydrogen technologies by 2030; between 2021 and 2026, Bosch has invested and will invest a total of almost 2.5 billion euros in the development and production of proprietary hydrogen technologies, one billion euros more than the investment plan for 2021–2024. The business opportunities for Bosch are enormous, as is the effect on jobs. Already today, Bosch Group is active with 19 companies, including 3 research centers, employing more than 5,600 people, turnover generated in 2023 reached 2.6 billion euros, and it had growth of 1.8% compared to the previous year.

Arco produces electrolyzers and fuel cells that are used both in stationary and mobility applications. An example in mobility where batteries can’t be a solution is in the naval world, as a ship sailing days will never have sufficient autonomy. Our technology in this case allows silent propulsion with zero emissions, finding great acceptance both in the megayacht world and in the defense sector on submarines, for example, with important partnerships such as Baglietto for megayachts.


“At Arco Technologies, we are committed to pioneering sustainable solutions that contribute to a greener and more resilient future. Our goal is to revolutionize the heavy transport sector by facilitating the transition to decarbonization through the availability of green hydrogen at low cost and in large volumes. We advocate simplicity and efficiency in our designs, ensuring that our patented technologies not only embody simplicity but also provide substantial cost reductions without compromising effectiveness. With over two decades of dedicated experience, our competitive technologies are versatile and span various fields and applications. Our deep market knowledge extends to the areas of material handling, heavy-duty applications and the complex chemistry of the fuel cell manufacturing process. We are not just creating products; we are designing a sustainable legacy for generations to come.”


Ahead of its listing on the NASDAQ, Arco Technologies has already signed a “share subscription agreement” with Global Emerging Markets (“GEM”) for the subscription of $50 million worth of shares. With the listing, Arco Technologies intends to consolidate its leadership position in the green hydrogen and fuel cell sector, contributing significantly to the global energy transition. The IPO marks an important chapter in the history of the company and the energy sector.

Participate in our Fundraising Campaign

Arco Technologies is launching a fundraising campaign to advance the development and production of next-generation fuel cell electrolyzers (PEM fuel cell and AEM electrolyzer). In the next three months, the company will focus on raising a $10 million PIPE or Bridge investment, engaging various interested investors. To date, part of the amount has already been pledged, and the company is confident that additional investors will join the initiative. In this regard, a crowdfunding campaign has been created on to facilitate investments with investors.

To participate in the fundraising campaign and learn more:

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*The above is a paid advertorial. The views, opinions, and information expressed in this blog post are solely those of the author(s) and do not reflect the official policy or position of CleanTechnica. The content provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, financial, or investment advice.

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