Details Of NM NEVI Charging Build-Out Finally Come Out

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A few weeks ago, I covered the New Mexico Department of Transportation’s announcement of NEVI charging sites. For those unfamiliar, the NEVI program is the federal program that gives money from the Infrastructure Bill to states to spend on charging infrastructure. The first of these stations are supposed to go along the interstate highways, usually spaced no more than 50 miles apart (with some exceptions available on a case-by-case basis), and with four stalls that can simultaneously charge at least four cars with 160 kW power.

But, there was one big problem I struggled with when New Mexico announced its choice of station proposals: details were sparse. Addresses weren’t provided, and other things like station hardware, number of stalls, and more weren’t given. Fortunately, a friend of mine was more persistent than I was and put in a public records request, and got all of that information. He posted it in this Twitter/X thread below:

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Most of the information I’m sharing in this article comes from his Twitter thread, so feel free to check the thread out yourself here if you want the information straight from the source. Or, feel free to keep reading and get my take on it.

Tesla’s Supercharger Upgrades, New Stations

I had guessed that Tesla’s locations were going to be new in some cases, and upgrades in others. What made that complicated was that some of the sites NMDOT had listed were V2, and couldn’t easily be upgraded by throwing on Magic Dock like has been done in some other places. But now we know that Tesla is going to be upgrading several of the stations, likely to V4 to meet all requirements for voltage and speed. The station in Las Vegas, NM, is scheduled for a May 2025 opening date.

A new location will be opening in Lordsburg, New Mexico, at a Circle K store near the town’s second interstate exit. It’s set for an opening by the end of 2024, which is fairly fast as far as charging build-outs go.

Tucumcari will get an upgrade from V2 to V4, replacing the current 6-stall station with a new 8-stall upgrade. Target opening date for that one is June 2025. Wagon Mound (currently only served by Electrify America), will get a new V4 station with 8 stalls, one pull-thru.

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Rivian Didn’t Get Selected

Unfortunately, Rivian’s Adventure Network didn’t get picked for two stations the company wanted to get funding for. It may end up building these stations anyway, so the data from those proposals could still be interesting. One was going to be in Gallup, and the other was going to be in Albuquerque, both along I-40.

Red E Charging Won Several Locations

Red E charging (sounds like a play on the word “ready”) got selected for several locations in New Mexico.

One in Santa Fe will have a 4-port charger that can output 640 kW. This one will have 4 CCS ports and 4 NACS adapters, so it will be able to serve both CCS and newer Tesla vehicles that can talk CCS protocol.

Another station in Maxwell (on the northern stretch of I-25 between Springer and Raton) will also have 4 ports, but using two 320 kW stations with two ports each. Like the other one, it will have plugs for both CCS and NACS.

Akela Flats Competition Heats Up

Between Las Cruces and Deming along I-10 is a little place called Akela Flats. It’s best known for the Bowlin’s Running Indian store, but an actual tribe opened up a travel center and casino on the other side of the exit north of I-10. The Chiricahua Apache Center now has EV charging, but it’s a foursome of 50 kW Tritium charging stations that haven’t been properly set up yet. I’ve managed to trick the stations into working, but most people who have tried have not.

While we’re trying to convince the travel center to at least set the stations up right, it would be better for them to put in fewer stations with more power to charge vehicles up quicker. 50 kW just really doesn’t make a lot of sense for a charging station along the interstate.

But there will now be more pressure to do so now that the Running Indian is getting some higher speed charging. It will be getting 4 200 kW SK/Signet charging stations with battery storage. Each will support both CCS and NACS. Even worse for the Chiricahua Apache Travel Center, the opening data is set for June of this year.

Two Pilot/Ultium Stations Will Get Funding From NEVI

Another notable company getting funding for stations along I-40 is Pilot Truck Stops. Pilot also operates Flying J. These stations are a partnership with GM, so stations will be branded as Pilot or Flying J and Ultium. These stations are Delta two-port chargers, able to charge up to 4 vehicles in pull-thru lanes covered by a nice canopy.

One station will be located at Exit 39, near the small community of Jamestown. This station is between Gallup and Bluewater. I’ve personally been in that station, and it’s got nice amenities and clean restrooms, so it’s a great place to EV charge. Like most Flying J truck stops, several meal options are available.

Another station will be in Moriarty, NM, east of Albuquerque at Exit 196. This will be a Pilot Travel Center. Like the other one, I’ve been there, and it has some good meal options including a Subway.

Francis Energy & EV Gateway

Francis Energy got four charging stations in the funding round. These will be located in Raton, Socorro, Los Lunas, and Truth or Consequences, all along I-25. The one in Truth or Consequences will be located closer to the highway than the company’s current station in nearby Elephant Butte, but will be located at a hotel.

Finally, EV Gateway will be putting in one station in Las Cruces. This will be among the first non-dealer non-Tesla fast charging locations in the city, and will be far faster than the 50 kW stations that are about to open at the county government building. This will serve as a vital link for travelers along both I-10 and I-25, and will complement the V3 charging station along I-10, giving EV drivers options for both interstates after they separate south of town.

There are a lot of images available in the original thread on Twitter showing maps and charging station layouts. If you’d like to see all of that information, be sure to check it out here!

Featured image: a screenshot from a charging proposal submitted to NMDOT (Public Record).

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