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Letters To The Editor: Opinions From Poo-Poo’ers

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We get a solid amount of…interesting…. email from clean tech doubters and outright haters. We recently launched a “Letters to the editor” section, and well, I decided to run a smattering of the commentary that CleanTechnica receives (slash have to deal with) on the daily, just for your entertainment. Enjoy. 🙂

How can we help?

I’d like to address something in an article.


Wind-Farms (Parks)


I read your article on Google News. I know about these machines and I can tell you the people living ip near the North Sea would be all dead or they all evacuated from that great Wind-Farm.

The next point I would like Iike to mention is Wind-Farms produce heat in their connection cables and heat the seas because the Farms contain so many Turbines and are so large. Consequently all the Marie life, whales, dolphins fish etc, are all cooked and float around upside down.

I don’t know why the peoples up that way are so fixated on those silly gimmicks but it maybe your Governments are attempting to cull their population of you all. I say this because these things are so noisey the Turbines can kill if the wind is quite strong of velocity.

There is nothing good about Wind Turbines. These machines are far too injurious and intrusive for peoples and fauna.

Kind Regards

Wow! That is ALL news to us. Thanks so much for the warning. Surely you saved a lot of lives. LOL


Desalinated Water is just as cheap as regular water now, so why not water the forest to keep them from getting too dry? W,e need some people like Elon Musk and Trump to come in and shake the place up.

Hi _____, thanks for writing in. I haven’t seen that desalinated water is as cheap as regular groundwater now — do you have references for that? Also, how would you ship that water from the ocean to the forest?

Thanks for reading — appreciate all sides of the political spectrum looking for solutions — just want to ensure they’re science-based and not just shooting from the hip.

Thanks for your nice response and I really appreciate your open mindedness.

Desalination system could produce freshwater that is cheaper than tap water from MIT and China..
No Reason not to Water the Forest Now…
Peer-Reviewed Publication

Another source:
Israeli desalination, wastewater treatment becomes global model for water scarcity…
By JONAH MANDEL 10 August 2023, 4:18 pm

Got it! yea, for sure, in Israel, where the sun shines constantly, solar powered desal is a win — not sure it would apply in BC, though. Question remains, tho, how do you ship that water to the forest and spread it over billions of acres? Desal on site to drink is great — you don’t have to move the water very far, and you can pump it right into an existing plumbing system.

Desalinated Water plants can use Solar power during the day to make the water usable. The Desalinated Water can be sold to consumers to water their yards and Farmers to water their crops and to the Government to save their sacred fish.  And that way more people can drink the Mountain Water.  I got that from Israel too.  2 pipes to every house.  I like selling a quota of Trees to keep the forest thin. Use the Tree money to help pay for the pipelines to the CA forest.  It won’t be free but if you can do projects that pay for themselves, it can be done.  The CA Forest Fires in 2021 were a wakeup call to everyone.  I see people in the EPA saying Forest Fires are a good thing and it makes my blood boil. In light of Global Warming, we have to rethink letting Forest Fires just happen. And they can be Solar pipelines that pump the Desalinated Water up to reservoirs in the Forest when the batteries are charged. You should get 6 hours of pumping while the sun beats down on CA.

Billions of Acres is a Tall order but arent the beautiful Redwoods worth it? And I think there is something to the UC Davis study about the CA Forest not being the Great Carbon Sinks they once were.  And we have to plan with that in mind.  Too many Trees drinking Limited Water.  

Totally another subject but I am really high on Exxon taking CO2 from our Chemical plants between New Orleans and Baton Rouge and using it in Enhanced Oil Recovery projects that pay for themselves. I also see the possibility of putting the CO2 in old Wells helping with the problem of our Sunkin Land along our Coast in Louisiana. If pulling Oil and Gas out of the Ground caused the Land to sink, wouldn’t putting CO2 back in the Ground cause the Land to rise again? That should give you guys something to chew on for a while.

Interesting thoughts — I put a sprinkler system in my yard, about 1/4 acre, and it cost me about $15K and needs regular maintenance. How many acres of trees need irrigation? I don’t honestly know, but I imagine it’s a lot. Also, land doesn’t rise if you put gas underneath it — not in any level sort of way. Have you seen Gasland? Good documentary about drilling, pumping, groundwater, and sinkholes.

Did you read about Exxon buying the Denbury CO2 pipeline?  However, those Turkeys are using CO2 from Jackson Dome in Enhanced Oil Recovery projects instead of CO2 from our Cancer Alley of Chemical Plants.  But the infrastructure is there to start capturing the CO2 from the Chemical  plants and start cleaning up our Air in Cancer Alley. Maybe you can pass the word to Pres. Biden to throw some CCS bucks in that direction? 

We’ll get right on that — we have that red phone on our desk that all we have to do is pick it up and it dials straight to President Biden’s personal cell phone.

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

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