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Third Wheelin’ — Electric XP Trike Review — CleanTechnica Tested

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Third wheel’s a charm! The folks at Lectric generously provided their Electric XP Trike so I could give it a whirl and share my experiences. I was given the floor model e-bike at a micromobility event in the San Francisco Bay Area, so the bike was already assembled and ready to ride. Thus I didn’t get to experience Lectric’s unboxing pomp and circumstance, so that isn’t part of this review, as it typically is for all things CleanTechnica-tested.

Lectric’s goal is to create accessible electric bikes for the masses, and the XP trike is a great addition to their fleet. Folks with balance issues typically unable to ride a two-wheeled bike will find the stability of a tricycle the difference between riding a bike or not. And we at CleanTechnica support any e-bike that gets people out there pedaling!

Initial Thoughts On The XP Trike

Riding this electric trike takes a bit of getting used to, though only due the fact that it is a tricycle. I’m a long-time cyclist, though historically I only ride two-wheelers, so having an extra wheel was wild at first. Once I got used to maneuvering it, the stability of the trike was exceptional and the ride was very smooth. The cushy, adjustable support seat with a wide saddle and backrest gives the ride a luxurious, cruiser-esque feel. The display isn’t anything to write home about — I actually found it sort of visually outdated, compared to the modern, erector-set vibe of the e-trike’s design and aesthetic.

Something about the XP Trike I loved right off the bat and was able to see first hand as the Lectric folks helped me load the trike into my car: this e-bike is foldable! I have a compact hatchback car and the XP trike folded compactly to fit relatively easily into the back of my hatchback with the back seats folded down. Unsurprisingly, the bike is on the heavy side, though not too bad for its size and sturdiness. While it’s not a commuter-friendly foldable e-bike you’d take on the metro with you, the foldable feature is a great touch for storage or transport by vehicle. 

First Try: Womp-Womp

My partner has a vineyard in Sonoma County, CA (shameless plug!), and I thought the trike could be a great, compact work vehicle for zippy trips to haul tools and lightweight equipment around the vineyard, as the cargo basket on the back is well made and strong. We charged up the XP Trike and spun that sucker around the vineyard, through the rows of vines and up the driveway…well, almost up the driveway. This is when I realized the XP Trike isn’t as off-road ready as I hoped, at least when it comes to steep inclines. While its rugged wheels did great on the bumpy dirt, gravel, and grass, the steeply-inclined driveway was too much for it. The bike wasn’t powerful enough to charge up the driveway from the vineyard to the garage, so that eliminated the e-bike as a workhorse-type vehicle, at least for a winemaker’s purposes in this setting.

Nevertheless, the trike is pretty fun to ride around a vineyard…

Second Try: Success!

To redeem the wounded ego of this e-bike, I brought the XP Trike out to Ocean Beach, where I live in San Francisco. The cement and asphalt paths were, of course, no problem at all for the XP’s robust wheels. So I took the trike out over the sand down to the beach. The throttle took a bit of getting used to, though it really gives your pedaling some extra juice when you need it. Generally, the ride is smooth, and the XP Trike took to the sand like a champion, almost as if it were made for cruising down a stretch of beach. 

While I didn’t test out the weight-bearing capabilities of the trike, Lectric boasts the XP is complete with a sturdy rear hub motor setup with a differential axle. This provides a whopping 65NM of torque, accommodating even the heftiest of payloads without a problem. Check out more specs below:

Lectric XP Trike Specs:

  • 500W nominal, 1092W peak planetary geared brushless motor 
  • 48V, 14Ah lithium ion battery
  • 4-6 hour charge time 
  • Battery lasts up to 60 miles
  • 180 mm front and rear hydraulic brakes, plus two parking brakes for added safety (loved this!)
  • 14 mph top speed
  • 5 levels of Pedal Assist and Throttle
  • 20 x 2.6 inch tires (great for the sand and rough terrain)
  • 36 x 16 tooth single speed drivetrain
  • Fully foldable 6061 aluminum

Overall Thoughts On The XP Trike

This is a fun, smooth, comfortable electric trike to ride, with added bonuses of an extremely cushy seat and foldable frame. It’s definitely specific, as the tricycle factor means it’s not suitable for all uses. It doesn’t quite have the power I like to see in an e-bike, but the assisted pedaling and throttle really make a difference for minimizing the pedal struggle. Aside from beach or street cruising, with not-too-steep off-roading an option, the third wheel allows the e-trike to be more accessible than its two-wheeled cousins, which we fully support. If you’re in the market for a tricycle, check out the Lectric XP Trike!

Lectric provided the XP Trike to the author free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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