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World’s First Rugged Power Station! Blackview OSCAL Rolls Out Power Station PowerMax 3600

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Blackview, founded in 2013, is an innovation-driven tech company with extensive industry experience in rugged smart devices. Over the past decade, Blackview has been breaking new ground in the rugged smart device field with a slew of industry firsts: the first rugged phone with thermal imaging-BV9800 Pro, the first rugged phone with night vision-BV8800, the first rugged phone with 40M laser rangefinder or 100-lumen flashlight-BV9300. Not to mention N6000, the first mini rugged phone, and the Active 8 Pro, the first rugged tablet.

Following years of remarkable success in the field of rugged smart devices, Blackview & OSCAL saw a spike in users’ demand for zero-cost energy  (solar, hydro, wind) in response to the rising cost of electricity bills brought on by wars and ongoing power outages during peak seasons. Adhering to the determination to bring the comfort of modern civilization to the wilderness, OSCAL launched PowerMax 700 and PowerMax 300 in the field of portable power stations, which immediately became well-known as top sellers among users worldwide. Drawing from their experience in rugged smart devices and portable power stations, their R&D team recently undertook a pioneering effort to integrate rugged capabilities from rugged phones into power stations. As a result,  PowerMax 3600, the first rugged portable power station in the world was introduced. 

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What sets the PowerMax3600 apart from the rest? Insufficient battery capacity? Unlike others that only support 10 battery packs, PowerMax 3600 has been expanded with up to 15 battery packs, extending the battery capacity from 3.6 kWh to 57.6 kWh for up to 30 days of home backup. Shorter charging times? Unlike others that require at least 1.5 hours in recharging, PowerMax 3600 initially charges at a maximum input wattage of 3600W, which can be charged to full in only 1.2 hours. High-power device charging? Unlike others that only support an output power of 3000W or less, PowerMax 3600 supports 3600W of output power, which is able to charge  99% of essential devices, including outdoor work tools like drills and chainsaws as well as home appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators. Multi-device charging? Unlike others with only 10 or fewer ports, the PowerMax 3600 supports up to 14 output ports to power all the devices required for the party. Short battery lifespan? Unlike others with NCM/NCA batteries, PowerMax 3600 adopts EV-class LiFePo4 batteries with a battery lifespan of up to 25 years, which is five times longer than NCM/NCA batteries. Slow switchover to backup power? Unlike peers that require 20-30 minutes for UPS switchover, PowerMax 3600 has achieved a tech breakthrough in ultra-fast UPS switchover of five to eight minutes, which is twice as fast as other power station devices, ensuring uninterrupted use of essential devices like CPAP machines. Inconvenient in-unit control? PowerMax 3600 uses TI chips with a 10% faster button response speed than that of devices using Etron chips. Smart app control? PowerMax 3600 also supports remote control with smart app, so that the operation of the power station is under control regardless of distance.

Image courtesy Blackview

First Attempt! Evolving from Rugged Phones to Rugged Power Stations

0.8m Vertically Drop-Proof, Splash-Proof, Dust-Proof, Anti-UV, and Fire-Retardant

Drawing upon years of experience in creating rugged phones, Blackview is taking a groundbreaking step by incorporating the unbreakable features of rugged phones into rugged power stations. Concerns about accidental drops from grasps while removing Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 from the car or stairs are allayed by its reinforced ABS+PC material construction, which makes it strong enough to withstand any adventure with up to 0.8m vertically drop resistance. It can be used anywhere, from lake fishing to working in dusty building sites, because it effectively blocks the entry of certain solid particles and splashes of water. Be it the exploration of Alaska’s glaciers or the vast Sahara deserts, Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 remains unaffected by the most extreme temperatures from -20~55°C (ideal from -10°C to 45°C). Even in the midst of desert exploration, the PowerMax 3600’s Anti-UV feature protects it from fading and aging brought on by prolonged sun exposure, and its UL94V-0 flame-retardant case ensures that there is no risk of fires spread resulting from heat generation.

Not only does PowerMax3600, like many other power stations, offer five LED light modes for illumination while setting up tents, preparing food, or reading the map at night, but it can also be used to transmit more information by adjusting the brightness and flashing pattern using Morse code, which is especially useful to convey distress signals if users are separated from his partners in areas with no signal while exploring in the wilderness.

Image courtesy Blackview

Expandable Power for Tailored-Made Occasion, Luggage-Like Design for Easy Transport

Support up to 15*Extra Batteries(3.6kWh/Per), Capacity From 3.6kWh to 57.6 kWh. 

From outdoor portable power for camping or RVs to home backup power for short-term power outages caused by severe weather and long-term power outages caused by energy crises, the issue of insufficient battery capacity for home and outdoor backup power has long surrounded users. Compared to most competitors with fixed capacity, Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 delivers an expandable capacity from 3.6kWh to 57.6 kWh, which is an absolute modular model that accepts up to 15*extra battery packs (3.6kWh/Per) to make full use of its potential for any situation. When used as a portable power source for outdoor activities like camping or tailgating, 3.6kWh is sufficient for 1-day usage. If it works as a backup power station for professional fields like disaster relief or street businesses, 28.8kWh is ready for 7-day usage. If the purpose of that is for whole-house backup power during ongoing power cuts, 57.6kWh is more than enough for up to 30-day usage if used 2kWh/day on average. Despite its outsized capacity, Blackview OSCAL PowerMax3600 spares users, especially the elderly, a world of hassle when moving it from one place to another place thanks to its luggage-like design with easy-to-pull handles and smooth-rolling wheels, which makes the next beach trips or mountain vacations more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Image courtesy Blackview

When using a power station, the inability to operate high-power appliances and the limitation on charging multiple devices simultaneously have consistently troubled users. Whether it’s for RVs, travel trailers, or even at-home emergencies, Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 is perfect for worry-free power supply with a massive 3,600W power output that can power 99% of the essential devices, handling power surges from professional tools for off-grid living like power drills and cutting machines to household essentials for home backup like microwaves, refrigerators, and air conditioners. In the case of an unplanned outage, all the charging outlet demands of the family party will be satisfied with 14 outlet sources four AC outlets for charging the electricity grill, refrigerator, coffee maker, and sound system, one Anderson port for charging drones, two DC55521 ports for charging camping lights, six USB ports for charging cell phones, tablets, etc., and one cigarette lighter port for charging most of the in-vehicle devices. 

Super-Safe System for Any Risk, Long-Lasting Battery Life for Any Adventure

Advanced LiFePO4 Battery+Eightfold Safety Protection BMS+24/7 UPS with 5-8 minute Switch

Safety and durability stand as top priorities of users when choosing a power station. Unlike some power stations with lithium ternary batteries on the market, Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 combo relies on particularly robust and long-lasting LiFePO4 battery cells for an extended lifespan to remain 80% after 3,500 life cycles, equivalent to 25 years of usage if used once every two days, which is four-six times longer than those with NCM batteries. As safe as it is, it includes an eightfold protection battery management system (BMS). So any potential glitches, be it overheating, overload discharging, or over-voltage issues, can be promptly fixed. Plus the cooling system is enhanced with four 38mm smart temperature-activated fans that facilitate efficient heat dissipation by up to 40 ℃. What’s more, the high-temperature warning will be triggered at 55°C and the high-temperature overload protection will be activated at 58°C, protecting the device from damage by high temperature.

Image courtesy Blackview

If the grid goes down while users are watching TV, cooking supper, or working from home, the 24/7 Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system of Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 won’t leave users groping in the dark for a flashlight. In as little as five minutes, which is nearly 80% faster than peers with 20-30 minutes, it switches over to work as an emergency backup power, so users can hardly notice the slight flickering of the lights, delivering constant power to protect users’ computers from data loss and maintain uninterrupted operation of users’ fish tank, refrigerator, CPAP, and other essentials.

Zero-Cost and Green Energy! Super-fast Recharging! Fuel up to 80% in Just 0.96Hrs

Recharging Options: AC/Solar/Car/Dual Charing (AC+Solar/Car )/Gas Generator/Lead-acid Battery/EV Charging Station/Wind Turbines Charging/Water Turbine Charging

The difficulties users encounter while recharging the power station might be the limitations in charging options and charging speed. Going beyond the conventional charging methods supported by most power stations on the market, such as AC charging, solar charging, car charging, and dual charging, PowerMax 3600 has been intentionally designed to accommodate more charging options including EV charging stations, gas generators, and lead-acid batteries. Aware of the soaring cost of fuel and electricity, PowerMax 3600 not only supports typical zero-cost green energy sources like the sun (solar charging) but also makes it easier to charge from wind (wind turbines charging) and water (wind turbines charging).

Image courtesy Blackview

How to cushion soaring energy bills with Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600? Take solar charging as an example. By connecting with solar panels at 1600W solar input, it captures and converts the sunlight into ready-to-use solar energy in just 2.25 hours for later use when utility power costs a pretty penny during peak hours, saving up to $1612.8/Year for users. When paired with PV and AC input, it charges from 0% to 80% SOC at a rate of 3600W in just 0.96H, which means it can be fully charged during the luggage preparation without delaying the next trip. Besides, Blackview OSCAL’s solar panels PM100/PM200 are also available for purchase, which is exceptional in transformation efficiency of 21.7%-23%, allowing for a steady stream of 100W/200W to top up the battery. With a fold-and-go design, users can take them wherever they go whether it’s camping or adventuring. 

User-friendly Control with Smart App+Eco-friendly Operation without Fumes & Noise

Power station users, especially elderly ones, often face inconvenience caused by unintuitive operations. Apart from featuring an oversized LCD display with easy-to-read font sizes, OSCAL PowerMax 3600 adopts thumb-sized buttons for controlling the device. All operations are just a touch away with the built-in TI chip that is 10% faster in button response time when compared to other devices using Etron chips. Also, Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 utilizes a Smart app for remote control, where users can access to monitor and control remotely for ongoing management. 

Unlike gas generators, it works without emitting toxic fumes or disturbing the peace, running as quietly as 62dB max (1.5M distance), making it usable in even confined spaces. 

Image courtesy Blackview

Shipping & Warranty & After Sales

Once released, users are anticipated to receive their orders within 7-10 days. Rest assured about any quality concerns — Blackview OSCAL guarantees a four-year warranty with 24/7 online support as well as several offline service centers. Stay tuned for more updates.

Price & Availability 

Get ready for the unveiling of Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 on Indiegogo, starting from January 10th. Get yours for as low as $1799! More accessories such as battery packs, trolley, solar panels, car charging cables, and AC charging cables are also available. Don’t miss the bonus perks — all crowdfunding backers have a chance to unlock exclusive gifts.

This article is sponsored by Blackview OSCAL.

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