LG Energy Solution Announces Prime+, An Easy To Install Battery Storage System

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When you talk to anybody about solar+storage, one name always comes up: Tesla. The Tesla Powerwall was far from the first time anybody stored solar power in batteries at home, but it was light-years ahead of what people used to do with big banks of lead-acid batteries like something you’d find under a car’s hood. It provided an elegant, easier to install solution that was backed by a big name in the industry, and didn’t look bad or take up a basement.

But, Tesla can’t carry the whole industry. There are simply too many homes and businesses that need solar and battery storage if we want to achieve decarbonization, more resilient power grids, and a generally better energy experience for everyone involved. The more companies can offer something of comparable quality and ease of installation, the better!

So, it’s great news that LG Energy Solution (LGES) has released a product that can help expand the presence of solar+storage!

The company, already renowned for its lithium-ion batteries, has announced the upcoming release of Prime+, a residential energy storage system. This marks the first time in the U.S. market that the company is introducing an integrated ESS with an inverter and battery system.

Prime+ is an innovative solution that allows for the simultaneous utilization of two 10H or 16H Prime battery modules, providing an impressive total capacity of either 19.2 or 32 kilowatt-hours. The Prime+ is available in two versatile configurations, allowing customers to select the option that perfectly aligns with their unique requirements. The backup solution ensures seamless power supply during outages, keeping your essential appliances running without interruption. On the other hand, the arbitrage (self-consumption) solution optimizes energy usage, enabling you to maximize your savings while reducing your environmental footprint.

What’s more, the installation process is remarkably swift, with the full commissioning of the inverter and batteries taking just a mere 10-15 minutes. With its seamless compatibility with existing photovoltaic systems, Prime+ proves to be the ideal retrofit solution for homeowners in the United States, ensuring enhanced energy efficiency and convenience.

After conducting thorough pilot testing, the new system demonstrated remarkable ease of installation and successfully met all required quality assessments. To ensure a seamless deployment, LGES collaborated with multiple experienced installers, who were accompanied by representatives from the sales and technical teams. This joint effort aimed to meticulously oversee the operations and validate the speed, simplicity, and overall effectiveness of the installation process. The meticulous attention to detail and rigorous verification process ensured a flawless implementation of the new system.

“The Prime+ AC-coupled inverter from LG Energy Solution was quick and easy to install, freeing our team to complete more work in less time,” said Jeff Dimond, COO of ES Solar, a customer of LG Energy Solution. “Prime+ saves teams valuable time and resources because it’s ready to work in minutes, not hours,” said Michael Bishop, a Technical Sales Specialist with the LGES ESS Team in North America. “The installation process is faster than ever, transforming the way installers work.”

To provide utmost convenience, the company has recently unveiled the Global ESS Customer Portal (GECP) app, a cutting-edge platform that offers customers streamlined access to a wide range of services. With this innovative app, installers can easily initiate and track after-sales service requests in real time, ensuring prompt and efficient support. Moreover, the GECP app is equipped with advanced features such as return merchandise authorization, which can be conveniently done both online and offline. This process is further optimized through the integration of serial number scanning and automatic address input via Google Maps, making it effortless for users to navigate and input relevant information. With the GECP app, customers can experience a seamless and hassle-free service experience like never before.

Installers can take advantage of the app’s functionality to effectively monitor the entire return process, from the initial initiation to the diagnostic phase and all the way through the shipping stage. This comprehensive monitoring capability ensures a seamless and efficient return experience for all parties involved.

To ensure utmost customer satisfaction, the Prime+ is equipped with a comprehensive 10-year warranty that provides coverage for the batteries, the inverter, and the auto-backup device. This warranty not only guarantees the longevity and reliability of the system but also offers peace of mind to people whose families may very well depend on the system for survival in the worst case scenarios.

With the Prime+, LGES promises that you can confidently choose a cutting-edge solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, delivering unrivaled performance and convenience.

LGES is set to present Prime+ at the RE+ exhibition, taking place from Sept. 11-14 in Las Vegas, so if you want to take a closer look at the system, be sure to head down and check it out.

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Why This Matters

I know a lot of what I shared above from LG sounds like marketing hype, but it’s kind of a big deal. At present, there aren’t many easy to install options for battery storage, so you’ve either got to get one of the big names like Tesla in your home, or you’ve got to cobble something together using deep cycle batteries or used battery modules from a wrecked EV. Neither option is cheap, and the latter certainly isn’t easy.

Few people will have the know-how to DIY install this system, but for solar installers and electricians, a well-documented and easy to install system means faster installations for the property owner, and then leads to a more reliable system post-installation. Having a streamlined return and replacement system for any defective or failed components also leads to less downtime in which an energy emergency might occur.

If anything, we need more of the big and small battery players to get into this space with easy to install, easy to service, and easy to use systems. Just as Tesla can’t do it all, neither can Tesla and LGES. There’s just too much need for this over the next several decades for a handful of companies to provide a solid product.

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