The Complete Fruble Camper Kit Unlocks Camping Mode For The Tesla Model Y

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Here at CleanTechnica, we’re all about using electric vehicles in as many ways as possible and with Tesla’s Camp Mode, their vehicles have become popular for weekend warriors road, trippers and full-time campers alike.

We’ve been following the Living In Tesla YouTube channel since creator and host Jimmy Cheung launched it. After many uncomfortable road trips, we even built up a copycat setup for our own Tesla Model Y Performance which required many days and weeks of effort. This morning, Jimmy’s design company Fruble Fabrication launched a pre-cut, pre-drilled DIY kit to enable anyone to build their very own Tesla Model Y camping setup with minimal tools.

The front drawers feature flip out supports for a longer sleeping platform. Image courtesy: Fruble Fabrication

Jimmy built his first Tesla Model Y camping kit about a year ago and documented the entire process in a detailed YouTube video. Since then, many people have followed along his detailed documentary and built a similar kit for their own vehicle. This is still a great option for those interested in learning carpentry or with a carpentry background, but speaking for my own personal experience, it was a ton of effort and came with a lot of learnings and additional tool purchases that might not be in the budget for everyone.

Fielding comments from viewers and DIYers over the last year, Jimmy went in search of a solution for those looking for a solution requiring less effort and resulting in a more consistent product. After months of struggles, the results was a custom designed and cut DIY kit to enable even more people to use their Tesla Model Ys for camping. The Complete Fruble Camper Kit is a great compliment to Jimmy’s first product that gave his company its name, the frunk table or Fruble for short.

When not in camp mode, the rear drawers allow full access to the lower rear trunk well. Image courtesy: Fruble Fabrication

The Complete Fruble Camper Kit is a 31-piece kit that has been precision cut and pre-drilled. After assembly, the kit is a huge functionality upgrade for the Tesla Model Y, adding a set of mulifunction utility drawers to the rear hatch area of the car. These drawers can be installed even with the rear seats up and host a camp kitchen, pop up sink, and some storage.

When it’s time to go camping, the rear seats are folded down with two drawers from the kit installed on top, transforming the rear of the Tesla Model Y 5-seater into a flat sleeping platform.

The kit takes all of Jimmy’s learnings from living in his Tesla Model 3 and now in his Tesla Model Y full-time to bear. This new product was designed specifically for the Tesla Model Y 5 seater, including the Performance edition, and not only makes camping, easy and functional, it ensures you’re still able to use the lower rear trunk area for storage.

From the video hosted on Kickstarter, the kit looks extremely well thought out and having watched and followed along Jimmy’s DIY video from his initial build a year ago, he pays a ton of attention to quality. This quality is evident in the kit and at just $1,500 Canadian including shipping on the Kickstarter, it feels like a bargain compared to many of the other higher price kits out there for overlanding vehicles. Granted this is a DIY kit but as the only camping kit of its kind for the Tesla Model Y, it opens tons of doors for even more people looking to adventure in their Teslas.

For more information or to reserve a kit of your own on Kickstarter, head over to the Complete Fruble Camper Kit Kickstarter page.

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