Nissan Makes Several Moves Toward An EV Future

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Over the last few weeks, Nissan had several press releases that aren’t big news on their own. But, taken together, it shows that the company is taking EVs seriously and continues to make them a significant part of the company’s future. Let’s take a look at these news items and see how they add up!

A New Electric Commercial Vehicle

Nissan is set to showcase its All-Star LCV range at the CV Show in Birmingham this week. Among the lineup is the highly-anticipated electric Townstar, which will undoubtedly catch visitors’ attention. Along with the Townstar, Nissan will showcase its popular mid-size Primastar and larger Interstar models. By presenting an expansive range of commercial vehicles, Nissan aims to cater to business owners of various sizes who are looking to modernize their operations.

“This event provides an excellent platform for us to demonstrate our new-look LCV range,” said Michael Auliar, sales director at Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd. “We look forward to connecting with attendees and sharing how Nissan can support their evolving transportation needs.”

The Townstar EV is equipped with an innovative electric powertrain that includes intelligent energy management and battery thermal cooling technology. Available at a starting price of £30,000 (CV OTR after PiVG*), this vehicle offers a class-leading electric range of 183 miles WLTP Combined (or up to 269 miles on the City Cycle), making it one of the most capable zero-emission commercial vehicles in the market. The 45kWh battery provides flexibility to users with both AC charging (11 kW or 22 kW) or DC CCS quick charging options. The battery can charge from 15% to 80% in 37 minutes using the DC CCS charging option. Furthermore, the Acenta grade and higher levels include battery thermal cooling and 22kW AC and 80kW DC CCS charging as a standard feature.

New Ariya Trim Levels Broaden The Market Segments It Competes In

Nissan Ariya Engage & Evolve+
Ariya Engage & Evolve+ for Europe. Image provided by Nissan.

Nissan has expanded its Ariya all-electric vehicle lineup with the introduction of two new grade options for European customers: Engage 2WD and Evolve+ e-4ORCE.

“The Ariya was created for customers who wanted an electric vehicle that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle,” said Leon Dorssers, Senior Vice Present, Region Marketing & Sales, Nissan AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe, and Oceania). “Following the interest of our customers, we realised there was room to expand the Ariya line-up on both ends of the spectrum. The Ariya’s new entry price and top-range variants are well-equipped to meet a variety of needs, providing greater access to the EV and a more exciting driving experience for our customers.”

The new Engage 2WD variant will be available in both 63 kWh and 87 kWh battery sizes, with an entry-level pricing strategy designed to provide customers with access to EV grants and subsidies in select European markets.

The Ariya Engage 2WD 63 kWh variant offers a range of up to 404 km (WLTP Combined cycle), providing a comfortable and smooth ride for both long road trips and short commutes around the city. Customers opting for the 87 kWh battery can expect a longer range of up to 536 km (WLTP Combined cycle) while experiencing up to 178 kW and 300 Nm of output.

Both versions of the Engage have the same power delivery and acceleration figures. The exterior of the Engage grade features striking details that include LED headlamps with high-beam assist, front fog lamps, LED rear fog lamps, heated mirrors with automatic folding capabilities, and 19-inch alloy wheels with aero covers. Furthermore, the Engage variant offers the perfect balance between ride comfort and handling agility, allowing for an enjoyable driving experience.

For people seeking a more luxurious and sporty model, the Evolve+ variant represents the top-of-the-range AWD option with a power output of 290 kW and faster acceleration, allowing this electric vehicle to reach 0 to 100 kph in just 5.1 seconds, which is 0.6 seconds faster than the original iteration. This option provides European customers seeking a thrilling driving experience with an exciting all-electric solution.

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The Ariya Evolve+ brings an enhanced power output and acceleration to the top-grade offer of the Ariya lineup, surpassing the existing Evolve grade Ariya e-4ORCE AWD. It delivers output of 290 kW and 600 Nm, which represents a substantial upgrade over the 225 kW variant. This results in the Evolve+’s impressive acceleration allowing it to go from 0-100 kph in just over 5 seconds, making it an exciting option for those seeking thrilling driving experiences.

In addition to the upgraded mechanical and performance features of the Evolve, such as a panoramic retracting sunroof, Intelligent Rear View Mirror, head-up display, power-adjustable centre console and steering column, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio, Bose 10-speaker stereo, and temperature-controlled front seats, the Evolve+ also boasts 20-inch alloy wheels with aero covers and a luxurious Nappa Blue leather seat trim.

The Pole To Pole Expedition Begins

In a previous article, we covered Nissan’s upcoming Pole-To-Pole Expedition. Now, the adventure is underway.

Chris and Julie Ramsey, two EV adventurers, have officially embarked on their Pole to Pole expedition, braving the harsh Arctic Ocean. The team conducted a thorough safety assessment before beginning their journey from the 1823 North Magnetic Pole* and are currently headed south, traveling over 27,000 km through North, Central, and South America. Their ultimate goal is to reach the remote South Pole in Antarctica by December.

This is a journey no vehicle — EV or ICE — has completed before, so this will truly be a historic expedition. This daring journey is filled with challenges, and the Ramseys are determined to showcase the capabilities of electric vehicles, demonstrating their potential for long-range travel and raising awareness about sustainability.

The confirmed modifications on the expedition-ready Nissan Ariya will allow it to tackle the challenging terrains encountered during the Pole to Pole journey. The suspension has been lifted, and the wheel arches have been extended to fit oversized 39-inch tires that can float on deep snow and sea ice. Remarkably, neither the battery nor powertrain of the Ariya has been modified from their standard configuration, and the e-4ORCE remains a part of Nissan’s advanced electric all-wheel-control technology, maintaining the car’s excellent performance capabilities.

During their travels through the polar regions, the Ramsey couple will tow a renewable energy unit that leverages the power of natural elements. The unit includes an extendable wind turbine and foldable solar panels, which will take advantage of the strong winds and long daylight hours in the region to generate electricity and recharge the Ariya’s battery. This innovative charging system will be particularly helpful to Chris and Julie during their breaks from driving in the challenging environment. The team hopes that their use of renewable energy to power their vehicle during the Pole to Pole expedition will inspire a transition to electric vehicles for future polar explorers, leaving a long-lasting positive legacy.

Adding It All Up

What we’re seeing in these three stories is really three facets of the same thing: a continued effort toward an electric world. While Nissan isn’t doing as much as Tesla is doing, it’s clear that the company is willing to bet not only the commercial and personal vehicle farms on this, but is also willing to stake its reputation on the Ariya’s ability to go where no vehicle has gone before.

Featured image and other images provided by Nissan.

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