Qmerit Had A Great 2022 & Says It Is Aiming For An Even Better 2023

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In a recent press release from Qmerit, the company that (among other things) facilitates things like charging station installs, announced that it had a pretty good 2022.

For those unfamiliar, my biggest experience with the company was having my EV charging station installed after buying my Bolt EUV. GM promises to pay for your installation (within certain parameters and limits), but it pays Qmerit to make the rest happen. Qmerit hires an electrician, collects any leftover bill after GM’s part, and otherwise facilitates the process. Talking to my electrician, I learned that the company also works with other auto manufacturers who offer installation incentives for EV buyers, such as BMW.

It turns out that I’m far from the only customer Qmerit has worked with this year. The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly rising, with the US EV charging market predicted to expand by nearly tenfold in just 10 years! Qmerit says it is standing at the forefront of this monumental growth and has already begun to make a significant impact on accelerating it further.

The elevator pitch? Qmerit says it is the leader in Distributed Workforce Management for electrification, and provides quality solutions to both residential and commercial EV charging requirements.

2022 is set to be a revolutionary year with the company continuing its development of an ecosystem involving automakers, dealerships, fleet operators, utilities, electricians, and more — working together towards eliminating fossil fuel systems. Furthermore, its contractor network across North America has been certified, vetted extensively, and trained by experts ensuring customers receive top-class service. So, they’re ready to go as the EV transition kicks off.

“America is at an inflection point as we transition from 100-year-old internal combustion engines to clean energy alternative transportation. Success will require not just mass production of EVs but concurrent robust investments that will facilitate their adoption,” said Qmerit CEO and founder Tracy K. Price. “Sustainable energy systems simply cannot be sustained without creating sustainable infrastructure. The benefits of doing so will have a multiplier effect beyond the customer-halo impact of electric vehicle ownership.”

Here are some of the achievements the company points at to back these claims:

  • In 2022, Qmerit opened a variety of new pathways to aid EV buyers who are looking for home charging solutions. These partnerships can be found through auto dealerships, utility companies, and aftermarket parts providers such as NAPA — all offering easy-to-use installation services that will keep drivers safe on the road.
  • We’ve accomplished thousands of EV charging installations for home-based fleet drivers throughout the USA and Canada, attaining an industry record 84 Net Promoter Score with collaborations from renowned corporate fleets.
  • In order to maximize the adoption of electric vehicles, Qmerit is launching a turnkey charging solution in 2023 for commercial properties. This cutting-edge initiative will lay the groundwork to not only expand EV charging capabilities at workplaces and multifamily dwellings, but also further diversify and grow the nation’s EV infrastructure. On top of that, this venture compliments our work advancing access to home EV chargers as well – ultimately leading towards more convenient transportation options worldwide.
  • By managing automaker incentives for home charging installation costs, Qmerit has assisted thousands of EV buyers and helped automakers break through the key buying barrier — their customers’ concerns about charging. Through a streamlined customer experience, Qmerit provides an easy way to overcome those concerns and make purchasing EVs stress-free.
  • In order to meet the expected demand for skilled electricians in 2023, Qmerit has partnered with the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP). Through their installer resource center, we are making EVITP’s curriculum and testing easily accessible so that more individuals can become certified. This collaboration will help ensure a continuous supply of trained professionals who understand how to install charging stations for EVs.
  • To provide utility companies with additional support, Qmerit presented a unique program that offers EV charging installation services to customers. These alliances could greatly assist in reducing the burden on power grids and allowing utilities greater freedom to respond quickly to spikes in demand.
  • With the mission of creating a streamlined, simplified process for EV buyers to find and access home charging incentives from governments and utilities, Qmerit has integrated nationwide public subsidies into its price estimating system for installation services. This unique approach removes the hassle associated with researching available options while ensuring that customers get the best possible value on their purchase.
  • They’ve made it easier for commercial property owners to benefit from their EV charging systems by introducing a pilot program in California. Our program permits them to capitalize on Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits provided by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
  • Qmerit made a bold move by expanding its digital platform that pairs trade labor needs nationally to qualified and certified contractors. In 2022, our unique matching algorithm eliminated delays and facilitated over 30,000 electrification-related service transactions in merely the fourth quarter; successfully empowering customers with an unparalleled experience like no other.

From My Experience, Qmerit Could Do A Little Better

When I did the install with Qmerit after buying the Bolt EUV, things went OK, but only because I was proactive. I knew about not only the GM incentive, but also about a local utility incentive I was able to use to fund a much better installation than GM generally covers. Between what GM was willing to pay and the utility, I didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

In its list of accomplishments, the company pointed to a new computer system that identifies local incentives for EV buyers and dealers to help people save money and be more willing to buy an EV. But, during the process I had, one representative try to get me to take a fast charging credit because they knew the GM credit wouldn’t cover the whole bill for what I wanted. Had I not known that there were other funds available, they would have led me in the wrong direction.

It’s possible that Qmerit’s computer system wasn’t ready yet, or that the person I talked to wasn’t using it yet, among many other possibilities, so I’m not going to say Qmerit was lying, but either way I think the capability it says it has would be a big improvement over what I experienced with it earlier in the year.

Once Qmerit does have this all ironed out, I think it will be able to do some great things in the EV world going forward.

UPDATE: I heard back from Qmerit and it was indeed the case that the new incentive-finding system wasn’t yet available to Qmerit representatives. The system is now online, and customers will have a far better experience with them going forward!

Featured image: my Qmerit charging station installation wiring, photo by Jennifer Sensiba.

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