Crypto Group Aiming To Cover Elon Musk’s Tax Bill Wants To Help Speed The Transition To Sustainability

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There’s a crypto group supporting Elon Musk and the goals of speeding up the world’s transition to sustainability. I was able to have a quick email interview with Twitter user ElonsTax, which I thought was a parody account at first. It turns out that I was very wrong on that. Before I dive into the interview, I want to emphasize that at this time, I am not holding any of the tokens that will be mentioned other than some Doge and less than $50 in Bitcoin. Also, this is not financial advice.

CleanTechnica editor note: Reporting on this effort below does not mean we are endorsing the effort.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is well known for his stance on clean energy and climate change. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The user told me that they were part of a group that has been following Elon since before Tesla even existed. They have a rather large following on TikTok and firmly believe Elon’s projects are helping humans around the world.

“We have been following Elon since his PayPal journey. We firmly believe his projects are worthwhile and of benefit to the progress of mankind. Being a group of technology enthusiasts, we are also very excited about space exploration and we believe that in order to see some real, tangible progress within a timespan of our lifetime, we definitely need a ‘doer’ and pioneer like Elon.

“On the other hand, we are aware of the attacks and pressures on Elon by ignorant politicians with regard to his taxes — which we deplore. We consider taxes on unrealized gains an absurdity, and we believe that capital invested into worthwhile projects (such as Tesla and SpaceX) is much better spent than filling up the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats.”

How The Crypto Group Plans To Help

The problems that were mentioned were the inspiration for the group. They wanted to help solve these problems so they launched the ELONSTAX movement and crypto token. The goal is to help Elon Musk pay off his $11 billion tax bill while making an additional point.

“That’s why we decided to do something about it and launched our ELONSTAX movement and crypto token. Our mission is to raise enough funds via the token to pay off Elon’s tax bill. Moreover, we wanted to make a point and counteract those hostile politicians. We aspire to generate enough traction with our ELONSTAX token to pay off Elon’s entire tax bill!

“Even if we succeed only to a certain extent, we believe we’re still making a worthwhile effort — we’re countering the bureaucrats that don’t understand the real contribution of Tesla, SpaceX (and similar enterprises) to our common good. From an even wider perspective, we feel Elon is rapidly becoming sort of a dissident voice on several of today’s controversial societal issues.

“While shedding light wherever light is due, he frightens those advocating for the status quo. He has become a force to be reckoned with, also on the political scene, and this is partly why he is being attacked. Like Elon, we believe in a straightforward and open discourse — not only in words, but in a practical sense. We fight the FUD as best as we can. So our movement is even more important these days when media try to put him in a bad light.”

The amount of raised funds, he told me, will depend on the number of token buyers and the amounts traded as well as the day-to-day crypto market. However, after only a few weeks since the launch of the movement, the token market cap has increased to around $350,000.

“After only a few weeks of the ELONSTAX movement, the token market cap already increased to approx. $350,000. With every buys or sells transaction 3% is automatically allocated to the address that is designated for Elon. But the growth prospects are enormous considering his wallet increases with both trading volume and growth of the token’s price.

“As soon as our movement gains more traction and publicity, we expect Elon’s portion of the funds to rise exponentially. Historically, cryptocurrencies associated with or supported by Elon gained tremendous market value as for example Dogecoin (current market cap of $17 billion) and Shibainu (current market cap of $13 billion).”

If Elon Doesn’t Accept The Gift, What Next?

I asked this because there is a chance that Elon wouldn’t accept the funds. It’s always good to have that plan in place.

“That’s a hypothetical question, for sure we won’t be butthurt. We do hope Elon will recognize and appreciate our efforts with lots of love, friendship, and humor!

“We are actively pushing this project forward until we get feedback from Elon (positive or negative). If for some reason, he decides that he won’t accept the funds, we will donate them to Musk’s foundation or to Tesla or SpaceX.”

For those wanting to support or learn more, here is what the group told me:

“The larger the community, the more people will be reached by our movement and thus bringing us closer to our goal. We appreciate every new follower of our social media.

“And of course, the main contribution to the ELONSTAX movement is to purchase some ELTAX tokens, which helps Elon, as well as the token buyer as both will be receiving a percentage from all, buy and sell transactions.

“An important objective of our community activities is getting Elon to notice our project and getting his response/feedback. The main channel to achieve this is Twitter. Our strong channels are also Telegram and TikTok.”

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