Video: Tesla Giga Berlin Factory Tour — Dance of the Robots

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YouTube channel “Giga Berlin/GF4Tesla, build GIGABERLIN” has shared a 28-minute long video tour of Tesla’s Giga Berlin. The video started out with a group of people watching yellow robots working in sync with one another — almost like a dance. Someone even commented that it was a robot dance. The video moved on to a section of red robots working (or dancing, if you prefer).

Tesla Is Evolving Faster Than The Rest Of The Automotive Industry

When Tesla first began, it started as an automaker with a focus on sustainability. At the time, these two ideas were so far apart that many made Tesla the butt of their jokes. Especially legacy auto. Under the leadership of Elon Musk, Tesla paved the way to change and made its voice very loud, clear, and articulate to the point that it has forced the entire industry to consider trying to compete with Tesla.

I say “trying” because even today, no other EV is close to a Tesla in terms of technology, design, and efficiency. Some of the challenges other automakers are facing are software-related, others include charging and infrastructure — both of which Tesla is leagues ahead in.

What’s worse for the auto industry is that Tesla is evolving faster than it can keep up. Upon buying SolarCity, Tesla became more of an energy company. And with its development of artificial intelligence and robotics, Tesla has evolved into a deep tech company that competes with the likes of NVIDIA and Google. During Tesla’s Q1 2021 earnings call, Elon Musk even spoke about this.

“People think of Tesla as — a lot will think of Tesla as a car company or as an energy company. I think long term, people will think of Tesla as much as an AI robotics company as we are a car company or an energy company. I think we are developing one of the strongest hardware and software AI teams in the world. Certainly, we appear to be able to use things with Full Self-Driving that others cannot.”

Elon spoke of the evolution of the technologies Tesla has developed and pointed out that they only developed them to solve the problem of self-driving.

“So, we couldn’t find a powerful enough neural net that runs a computer, so we designed and built our own. The software out there was really quite primitive for this task.”

When watching the above video, you can see that Giga Berlin is a visual representation of Tesla and its evolution as a company. When a company is focused on its mission, it has to evolve in order to reach those goals. Legacy auto isn’t doing this because they are complacent — even today.

I think that they understand that EVs are indeed the future, but they still view the future as some far-off place and prefer the comfort of their own bubble. Tesla’s continued evolution, however, is bringing that future closer fast, and if legacy auto doesn’t come out of that bubble of comfort, Tesla’s success just might pop that bubble with its dancing robots.

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