Will The White House Exclude Tesla, The #1 Most American Car Producer, From Its EV Event?

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I saw a tweet from Walter Bloomberg stating that the White House is planning an event on Thursday with President Biden and EV executives from General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler parent Stellantis. The event is to focus on the administration’s proposed revisions to fuel economy requirements through the 2026 model year. This is great and exciting, but it’s sad to see Tesla’s not on that list.

Last month, President Biden started campaigning for U.S. automakers to commit to selling more EVs — 40% of all sales by 2030, to be exact. Ford has committed to the 40% goal, and spokesperson Melissa Miller told Reuters, “Ford has already said that we are leading the electrification revolution and planning on at least 40% of our global vehicle volume being all-electric by 2030.”

James Stephenson pointed out that the White House made the choice of inviting the three least profitable U.S. automakers. However, Stellantis isn’t even an American brand — it’s headquartered in Amsterdam. In Q2 2021, Tesla had the highest GAAP profit per delivery among these companies:

James noted, in a reply to a tweet questioning the importance of profit, that in addition to making the most American made vehicle in the U.S., Tesla is also building one of the largest auto factories in the U.S. I find it odd that the President of the United States would exclude the most successful EV maker, which happens to be an American company.

There is one reason that makes sense, but actually, it doesn’t make sense at all. That reason is that Tesla already sells EVs and is successful at it, so it doesn’t need to be there. I disagree with that. Due to Tesla’s success, it actually does need to be there, simply because as an American taxpayer who supports the environment, I think Tesla’s expertise in creating a greener future is valuable. Excluding Tesla from this meeting isn’t just silly — it’s excluding a company that can help President Biden achieve his clean energy goals.

Another thing I find odd is that President Biden’s administration is also in favor of Line 3, which I’ve written about extensively. This is a pipeline that will cross over 200 waterways and is being built illegally on Anisnaabi lands. Yes, illegally — this is not the government’s land to give away, and by doing so, it’s breaking three treaties.

President Biden was the better choice against former President Trump. I don’t regret voting for President Biden, but I don’t like seeing him exclude Tesla from this meeting.

Another thought is that perhaps Tesla was invited and declined. Considering Tesla’s mission, though, I highly doubt this would be the case.

Tesla Is The Leader In EVs And The Most American Automaker — It Should Have A Presence In This Meeting.

In a perfect world where leaders genuinely support the nation’s innovators, Tesla would have been the first invited to this meeting or event. Believe it or not, Tesla actually is an American company. I’ve heard many crazy claims that it wasn’t, but the last time I checked, California and Texas are part of the United States. Speaking of American made, earlier this summer, Cars.com concluded that Tesla’s Model 3 was the #1 most American-made car. Ford took the #2 spot, and then Tesla again landed on the podium in #3.

Tesla sells more electric vehicles than any other company in the world, and far more than any other American company — without paying for advertising or having a marketing team. Tesla’s success will be a lesson for marketing classes in the future. Tesla created products that are loved so much that it doesn’t even need to advertise. This is one of the many things that sets Tesla apart as a leader.

Excluding Tesla from an EV-related event is not only a snub to Tesla, but it’s denying the American people who will most likely benefit from clean energy vehicles a chance at having Tesla’s expertise included in this meeting.

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