Tesla Coming To Singapore (Video)

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Nash, aka Tesla in the Gong, has shared a detailed look at Tesla’s entry into Singapore, including a walkthrough of the Tesla Design Studio for the country, which has been live since February 2021.

In the video, Nash goes over the three versions of Tesla’s Model 3 sedans, top features, paint, wheels, interior options, Full-Self Driving, when the vehicle will be available, the cancellation policy, insurance, and more. (Much of this is relevant to other countries, of course.) Nash explained that on Tesla’s new website in Singapore, one can buy the Model 3, Model S, and Model X. There is no tab yet for the Model Y in the Singapore Design Studio.

Tesla Design Studio in Singapore

Nash’s video is focused on the Model 3, and he dove right on into the ordering page for it in Singapore. Since this is a normal process for Tesla buyers, we’ll just highlight parts of it.

Full Self-Driving Features

Nash explained that FSD is a value-added feature to basic Autopilot.

“The ones that have been implemented are super cool, indeed. Personally, I do use Autopilot every day for my daily commute and it is really impressive. Some of the salient features are automatic lane change or auto lane change and this is most useful in highway driving.

“The next feature is Autopark, where the car will do both perpendicular and parallel parking. And the precision in which it does is absolutely impressive. And this is one of the coolest features, which is Summon, where we can activate the Summon through the Tesla app and the car will come to you.

“Every Tesla comes with a Full-Self Driving computer, which is a custom Tesla-designed silicon, which enables computer vision. Now all these value-added features will set you back by 11,500 Singapore dollars, but do remember that this does not have to be bought upfront. This can be activated or purchased through the Tesla mobile app. And It only takes 10 seconds for FSD to be activated. Also remember: FSD subscription has been activated in the U.S. I’m sure it will roll out worldwide very soon. So this is something that can be added after the fact.

Availability & Costs


While making the video, Nash explained that for Singapore, Tesla deliveries will begin in the second half of 2021. Nash has seen a few Twitter posts of a limited release at this time.


Nash breaks down the costs of the vehicles in Singapore dollars (S$). Tesla vehicles are eligible for the Vehicle Emission Scheme Rebate (VES Scheme), which gives the customer a rebate of $25,000. There’s an additional rebate of $20,000 from the EV Early Adopter Incentive.

The Standard Range Plus (base version) Tesla Model 3 is S$78,140 with an estimated additional registration fee of S$76,959 (yes, that is correct — not a typo). The Net ARF Payable is S$31,959, with registration fees of S$220. The Road Tax for 12 months is S$2,536. The estimated price excluding the Certificate of Entitlement is S$112,845 (USD $83,483). For those ordering today, you would only pay a non-refundable order fee of S$150.

Just a quick thought on this section of Nash’s video: I actually did a double-take when I realized that the estimated Additional Registration Fee was almost as much as the car itself. That’s quite a surprising extra cost for an American to see pop up there.

Breakdown of Incentives

Nash breaks down the ARF, the VES Scheme, and the Certificate of Entitlement.

“I understand that Singaporeans are mostly aware of this, but this is for the uninitiated.

“Model 3 will qualify for the EV Early Adopter Incentive, which is a 45% rebate of the Additional Registration Fee, or ARF, and it is capped at $20,000. The Vehicular Emissions Scheme, or VES, is also available for a Tesla Model 3 and it will qualify at the A1 band and will be eligible for a rebate of $25,000 off of the Additional Registration Fees.”

Nash also goes over other fees, duty and excise tax — you can watch his full video here.

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