Tesla’s Safest Vehicles Continue To Save Lives

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I’m not sure if it’s Twitter’s algorithm, but I’ve seen several different threads and tweets recently about people getting into accidents and having their lives saved by their Tesla. One in particular that Elon responded to a few days ago was put forth by Marco Dzo, and his thread actually brought me to tears.

He and his family were in their Model 3 on a stormy Saturday night when a wrong-way drunk driver came right at them. Marco steered to the right to avoid a head-on collision, but their car was still involved in an accident that probably would have killed them if they’d been in another type of vehicle.

His Model 3 dashcam caught the entire accident and it’s a miracle that he and his family not only survived but were able to walk away without serious injuries.

Falling Off Of A Cliff

This one even made Fox News. In this Tesla Model 3, the driver and three others literally walked away from an accident that could have killed them. They were driving on State Route 18 when they lost control of the vehicle and it crashed down a 100-foot drop in the San Bernardino Mountains.

The accident is being hailed as a literal crash test and photos taken by the Mountain Reporter describe a scene where you would assume everyone died. Mountain Reporter noted that the driver was speeding at unsafe speeds and that all four occupants “self extricated” and only had minor to moderate injuries — after falling off a 100-foot high cliff.

F-150 Driver T-Boned A Model 3

David Rea’s tweet also showed up in my feed. He thanked Elon Musk and Tesla for saving his and his two sons’ lives. An F-150 ran a stop sign and t-boned them. The momentum took them into a utility pole. He added that they went for X-rays and that he only had 2 broken ribs.

Fortunately, he noted that his kids were only shaken up but were okay and added that they were grateful that everyone walked away.

Another one that showed up in my feed was a tweet from Tesla Club España. The driver of that Tesla said that he was able to walk away and credited Tesla for his life being saved. The tweet also included a link to the news article with more details.

The wreck took place in Trebujena on the Jerez-Trebujena Highway. Ángel, who was the driver of the Tesla, said that he was hoping to be discharged from the hospital soon. “I remember everything, I did not lose consciousness,” said Ángel. “I didn’t even wait for the ambulance, I was able to get out of the vehicle myself. I felt as if I was floating, surrounded by airbags, with a very strong pain in my belly.” He had an injury to his abdomen that caused some type of bleeding.

He was also able to share how the accident happened. “There was a stopped car waiting to turn left. Another car was coming from the opposite lane, overtaking three cars at the same time without seeing the vehicle that wanted to turn left. When he found it, he dodged it and went through the gap through which I was passing, using the lane and the shoulder in the opposite direction.”

This accident was pretty brutal and the article noted that the state of health of the other occupant inside the Tesla is currently unknown — they had to be transferred to the hospital by a helicopter.

Looking Over  Some Recent Crash Statistics

Tesla’s most recent safety report, for Q1 2021, shows data on accidents involving its vehicles. The data includes those with and those without Autopilot engaged. For Tesla vehicles driving without Autopilot engaged, there was 1 accident for every 2.05 million miles driven with Tesla’s active safety features. And without either Autopilot or Tesla’s active safety features, there was an accident for every 978,000 miles driven.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released some new information regarding its crashes, and although they didn’t list how many crashes there were per 100 million miles driven, they did note that there were more fatalities in 2020 than there were in 2019.

The fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled for Q1 2020 was 1.12. In Q1 2019, that number was 1.05. It’s not until Q2 2020 that the number rose to 1.46. The NHTSA is still collecting data and noted that this was an early projected report.

Although we don’t have NHTSA data for 2021 to compare with Tesla’s current data, the data we have shows that Tesla is indeed a manufacturer that is focused on building the safest vehicles.

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