Tesla Raj’s Deep Dive Inside Tesla’s Hot New Plaid Model S

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Tesla Raj has shared a deep dive inside Tesla’s new Plaid Model S. His friend Logan, a member of the group Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley, owns the vehicle Raj featured. Some key parts of the video include the new UI, the yoke steering wheel, and smart shift.

The New UI

In the new UI, the Home button is in the far left corner. It brings you into the car’s interface.

The first major difference is that there are no stalks for going into drive, reverse, neutral, or park. “So, with no stalks, how do you put the car in drive or reverse?” He then points to the side of the display and said that this is basically the stalk. On the side of the computer, you can see a little road graphic with a visual of the vehicle. Kind of like the scroll bar on the right side of a computer.

“You press on the brake and just slide this up,” he explained, while pressing on the car icon and sliding it up.

Raj also demonstrates the radio controls and shows how the widget can be brought down or moved across the screen to the right side. Raj also found another dock or menu bar that is easy to access from the main one. The UI is much more customizable than it’s ever been before.

Cyberpunk 77?

Cyberpunk 77, Raj found out, wasn’t available in the car, but he heard that Tesla was using it in the event to demonstrate just how powerful the Plaid Model S computer is. Perhaps it is on the way. “Maybe it might become available later on. But I am hearing rumblings that the Cyberpunk that was displayed during the presentation wasn’t actually loaded in the car. It was just merely being used as a demonstration to show you how powerful the computer was. So that leaves a lot to be asked here whether Cyberpunk is actually going to become available in the car.” (Editor’s note: It seems likely that it will be in the car soon but just hasn’t been added via software update yet.)

“There is a new game — it’s called Sky Force — and this has two players; supports controllers or the touchscreen. …

“Will there be an app store of games? I don’t know, but right now, they’re not coming with Cyberpunk. They’re not coming with Witcher. They’re not coming with those big AAA titles. Maybe we’ll see them in the future. Maybe we won’t. Just know that the gaming computer that’s in there is pretty crazy. Maybe this is a call out from Tesla to say, ‘hey, if you’ve got something dope, send it to us and we’ll put it in the car,’ or something.”

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is provided by a device that is embedded in the shoulders of the seat, but is not activated yet. “Right here on these perforated seats — right here is where there is a device. It’s actually really hard here. You can feel that there is something here on the seat and that’s where it’s built in. That’s where some of the technology is built in according to the manual.” He added that it will probably be unlocked via a software update.

The Yoke

Raj gives a rundown on the buttons on the yoke. The buttons on the right side include the horn, speed control, windshield wiper, and voice command. The buttons on the left include the high beams and the left and right turn signals. The middle doesn’t function as a horn, but it does contain the airbag.

“As far as the yoke is concerned, how many turns does it take to fully turn right or left?” He then demonstrated. One full turn and a half from the center for a full left or right.

Raj also pointed out that for driving, there’s a nice elbow rest to help keep your arms balanced while using the yoke. “It’s actually really easy and quite comfortable.”

“This feels very comfortable resting my elbow on the armrest here and then driving just like this,” he said while demonstrating. There are also several options for making a turn: using both hands or a single hand. “It’s really nice just to be able to see out in front of you and not have to see the steering wheel.”

There’s much, much more in the video. Raj also covers the interior accents, center console, rear display, HVAC, and more in his video. You can watch his full video here.

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