“The Adventures of Starman” Is Back, Exploring Backstory & Kicking Some Evil Big Tech Behind

February 6, 2018. That is when it happened. SpaceX launched its first tri-booster Falcon Heavy rocket. First, we saw two boosters simultaneously land on earth, a display so phenomenal that some actually thought it was fake. Then the next part was even more fun and absurd, when the world saw Elon Musk’s personal cherry-red Tesla Roadster floating about in Earth’s orbit with a SpaceX astronaut suit in the driver’s seat, dubbed Starman. It was a day that inspired not only myself but millions of people around the world. Though, it’s probably fair to say that no one was inspired more than a man named Eli Burton, who took it upon himself to turn Starman into even more of a symbol than it already was.

I would be surprised to see a Tesla fan who hasn’t heard of or seen any of Eli’s work. Whether it was the comics the The Adventures of Starman, which has been sold in the tens of thousand and can be found in the studios of many YouTubers (along with The Boring Company hats and flamethrowers), or that time during the Model Y unveiling when Eli got a shoutout from Elon Musk for his awesome Hollywood-grade Starman suit. Eli’s work has spread far and wide.


Now, The Adventures of Starman is back with a 5th edition. While the plot of the comics is still mostly under wraps, we do know a few things, like that Starman will face a new villain that for all intents and purposes is the corporate surveillance apparatus of the 21st century, known so far only as “Big Tech.” One other fun tidbit about the plot we do already know is that this comic, upon the request of the fans, will finally feature the Tesla Cybertruck, making an appearance when Starman will need it most.

Unlike previous Starman comics, the 5th installment will be 60 pages instead of 40 and have a hard cover like a book. According to Eli, they “realized that to do justice to Starman’s Origin Story we had to extend it to 60+ pages and publish this episode as a book. We really appreciate everyone who supports us on Kickstarter as we are really breaking the bank to make this episode, but it’s worth it. Starman is an incredible symbol of our future on earth and in space. It’s an honor to help convey his message.”

A preview of the 5th graphic novel of Adventures of Starman.

Eli also shared with us his motivation behind this latest episode, saying that, “The Adventures of Starman begins as an inspiring story of facing self doubt, overcoming challenges, and ultimately becoming your best self and answering to your calling. I see so often in life that people get stuck. Stuck in relationships, jobs, or other situations and hardships that block their path to becoming who they were meant to be. This story it set out to reignite that passion and inspire the reader to quite literally reach for the stars.” It is a theme that definitely befits this current time full of difficulties and uncertainty.

The new graphic novel Starman Begins can currently be found on this kickstarter page that was just launched.

Chanan Bos

Chanan grew up in a multicultural, multi-lingual environment that often gives him a unique perspective on a variety of topics. He is always in thought about big picture topics like AI, quantum physics, philosophy, Universal Basic Income, climate change, sci-fi concepts like the singularity, misinformation, and the list goes on. Currently, he is studying creative media & technology but already has diplomas in environmental sciences as well as business & management. His goal is to discourage linear thinking, bias, and confirmation bias whilst encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and helping people understand exponential progress. Chanan is very worried about his future and the future of humanity. That is why he has a tremendous admiration for Elon Musk and his companies, foremost because of their missions, philosophy, and intent to help humanity and its future.

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