Sara Dietschy Sold Her Bitcoin & Bought A Tesla — Here’s Her Story

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YouTuber Sara Dietschy recently had a very special day. For the first time in five years, she bought a car — a Tesla. She explained in her video how she got the money to buy her Tesla.

She jumps into her story of why she sold her Bitcoin. “It was a few months ago. Honestly, I was not digging the performance of Coinbase, which is the exchange that I used to buy Bitcoin. You know all the stuff that people didn’t like that Robinhood has been doing recently? Coinbase will sometimes just not let you trade things because they can’t take the traffic.”

She wound up setting a sell limit when Bitcoin’s USD value hit $38,000, went to bed, and woke up the next day to see that she sold all of her Bitcoins. She discovered that Elon Musk added #bitcoin to his Twitter bio which led to her limit being hit. “So I sold all of my Bitcoins and that was that. And now I’m buying a Tesla.”

Although she sold at $38,000 and the price of Bitcoin is higher now, she doesn’t have any regrets because she’s excited about the new tech she is about to get — her Tesla. “You can brag about your investments all day on Twitter, but it’s not real until you make the trade, right? And I needed something in the physical world that I’m going to enjoy every day. It’s going to be a great utility to my business, but it’s something — again, it’s just a fun piece of tech that I’m really excited about and I get to experience that.”

Sara’s Tesla

Sara’s Tesla is a beautiful grey Model Y. After accepting her delivery and watching the intro video, Sara noticed that she had the updated Model Y center console. “What I’ve just noticed is that I have the new center console — the Model Y center console. where basically there’s no more piano black.” She shows you where you can wirelessly charge your phone as well. She also noticed that the seats are really comfortable. “They kind of hug you, you know? ”

Sara also experiences that sense of nervousness mixed with excitement that you get when you finally get something you’ve been waiting on and working toward. “It took a while for us to get to this point — a lot of researching and stuff. But now that it’s here, I’m nervous,” Sara said, grinning from the driver’s seat.

Sara also talked about getting to know the new vehicle, without having any background driving other electric vehicles. “The biggest learning curve for me when I test drove the Model Y is when you let off of the gas it actually comes to a complete stop. It’s not like a gas car where you roll into a stop and then you brake.” (Yes, she should have said “when you let off the accelerator.” Old habits die hard.)

Sara’s General Vibes Regarding The Tesla Model Y

After showing her new Tesla to her family, surprising them with the acceleration and spaceship-ey vibes, Sara shared her thoughts on her new Model Y on YouTube. “My general vibes after driving a 2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range is, is — I love it. It’s is so much fun.” She also added, “As someone who really has driven bulky cars most of my entire life, I really didn’t understand the value of 0–60 [mph] in acceleration. But it is so fun! It’s so torquey, the acceleration is so fast and, you know, when you get a chance to drive performance mode Tesla, and you step on the gas full throttle — or, what do you call it? The pedal? Because it’s not the gas. It gives you a pit in your stomach like you’re in a freakin’ rocket ship going to the moon. It’s so fun.”

You can watch Sara’s video here.

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