Easier, Affordable Home Electric Vehicle Charging Access with NeoCharge

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By Steve Hanley

One thing that all electric cars have in common is they need to be charged. But many people who might be interested in buying one do not have a 220 volt outlet available to plug a charger into. That means they need to hire an electrician to add a new circuit. But electricians aren’t magicians. Charging an EV may require as many amps as an electric stove or clothes dryer. If the entry panel where the circuit breakers are located hasn’t been updated recently, it may not be able to handle the extra load. Upgrading the existing service can cost thousands of dollars.

NeoCharge* has a solution. Many residences have an existing 220 volt outlet in the garage or in a room nearby, but it is typically already in use by a core appliance (like a dryer). The NeoCharge Smart Splitter can plug right into that outlet and provide electricity access for both the appliance already using it and an electric car charger. Yes, the Smart Splitter will intelligently power an EV charger and an electric dryer, stove, or other appliance without any changes to the electrical panel and without adding a new circuit. The secret is that the Smart Splitter automatically switches between your appliance and your car depending on which needs power more urgently.

Enhance your EV experience by conveniently sharing your existing power circuit with an appliance and EV charger. (Image courtesy: NeoCharge)

How It Works

When you run your appliance, the Smart Splitter will pause your car charger to ensure easy charging. When the dryer is done, the Smart Splitter will automatically resume charging your car. The Dual-Car Smart Splitter allows for easy charging of two electric cars. The device will charge one car at full power then switch over to charge a second car at full power. Or, if you would like to charge both of your cars at the same time, the Smart Splitter can also be set to charge both cars simultaneously at half the power.

No need to install another circuit or get an expensive panel upgrade by using NeoCharge’s Dual Car Smart Splitter.

Because the Smart Splitter is an internet-connected device and can be easily controlled through  a smartphone app, a person who buys an electric car can purchase a less expensive home charger than commonly marketed “smart chargers” — because the Smart Splitter adds the “intelligence” that a customer typically wants from a smart charger. In areas where the local utility company offers lower rates at certain times of the day, the Smart Splitter will schedule charging to take place when demand is low, saving the homeowner or renter even more money.

(Image Courtesy: NeoCharge)

The installation of home EV charging equipment can range from $750 to $1750 without the need for a panel upgrade. When an electrical panel upgrade is needed, the installation cost can be as high as $5,000. The Smart Splitter is the smarter way to install home EV charging, without the need for these expensive installation costs. 

Now through January 3, there’s a special holiday price for a Smart Splitter that can control two EV chargers — just $474.00. Alternatively, the Smart Splitter that controls an EV charger and an appliance sells for just $424.00. Both can be ordered directly from NeoCharge on the company’s website.

Lightweight design built for easy portability so you can get charging access anywhere there is a 220v outlet. (Image courtesy: NeoCharge)

Here are a few testimonials from customers who made the decision to buy a Smart Splitter:

  • “Your device allows us to more easily electrify our home and transportation, thus reducing our carbon footprint. Thank you!”
  • “This weekend I installed both your units without any problems. The first has the induction cooktop on the primary, and the heat pump water heater on the secondary. The second has one EV charger on the primary and another on the secondary.
  • “I tested the one for the EVs and it worked perfectly.”
  • “You’ve saved me from having to get a whole new panel. Thank you!”

Benefits Of The Smart Splitter

It’s not only electric car owners who can benefit from Smart Splitter technology. Manufacturers, car dealers, utility companies, EVSE retailers, and electricians can do so as well. Manufacturers and dealers can take advantage of the simplicity and low cost of the Smart Splitter to promote electric cars to their customers. Anything that makes a sales transaction go more smoothly is good for business. Prospective customers who may have concerns about charging an electric vehicle may feel reassured when they learn how easy it is to install a Smart Splitter.

Utility companies have only one product — electricity. They can promote the sale of electric cars by educating their customers about how easy it is to plug in using a Smart Splitter. Many homeowners would be delighted to learn they can power two appliances from one existing outlet and take advantage of lower “Time of Use” rates without expensive electrical upgrades.

Electricians can save their customers time and money by introducing them to the Smart Splitter, which may be especially helpful to people who rent rather than own — a whole new market for electricians to explore. Retailers who sell EV charging equipment could expand their customer base by offering the Smart Splitter together with their other products.

The Smart Splitter is a clever, cost effective way to get more people involved in the EV revolution. Electric cars are new to most people and that newness creates concerns. The Smart Splitter can help eliminate those concerns and make people comfortable with the idea of owning an electric car.

Go to NeoCharge’s website to take advantage of its limited time special pricing offer.

All photos provided by NeoCharge.

*This article is supported by NeoCharge.

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