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Climate Change

Published on November 9th, 2020 | by Zachary Shahan


7 Suggestions for the Republican Party

November 9th, 2020 by  

I just offered 10 (unsolicited) suggestions for the Democratic Party, and here are 7 (unsolicited) suggestions for the Republican Party in a post-Trump world as well.

1. Don’t Put (More) Racists Into Office

There are many things I didn’t like about Donald Trump’s policies and rhetoric. Basically, all he did was cut taxes on super rich people, make it easier to pollute, kidnap children and babies who were seeking asylum at the border, and reverse a bunch of good foreign policy. However, it was the kidnapping of children and babies, and secondly the repeated racial attacks, that I found to be two of the most repellant, repugnant, horrible parts of the Donald Trump presidency — and I’m sure that many others were in my boat.

2. Don’t Put (More) Science Deniers Into Office

Image courtesy OpenSecrets

I get it — the oil & gas and coal mining industries spend almost 100% of their political dollars on Republicans. But you are threatening the future of humanity, and certainly the well-being of the United States and all of its residents, by choosing to block out science that is inconvenient to your political fundraising.

And as much as you may fear losing voters in the oil, gas, or coal industries, I’ll be honest — you could get a ton more voters from the left if you simply became climate hawks, accepting science and the need for strong action in this war against global heating.

Image courtes OpenSecrets

Of course, there are other matters where science is just too inconvenient for Republicans and they choose to pretend that we are in the 19th century, but climate science and health science are the big political matters of the moment.

3. Stop Deferring To The Most Extremist Members Of Your Party

The US political system has heavily shifted to the right in terms of global systems of governance. The Democratic Party is center or center-right on many issues, relative to other developed nations. That is due to a constant slide to the right over the past few decades. It is making the United States much less competitive globally, much less balanced socioeconomically, and much more fragile — as the past 4 years have shown.

Compromise a bit with Democrats in order to stop gridlock in Congress, help the country move into the 21st century, create good jobs, and stop being an example of a downward trend.

There are many Republicans who would partner with Democrats on climate, infrastructure, health, and economic legislation if you simply didn’t defer to extremists so much.

4. Show Some Compassion

To many, it looks like the only thing Republicans care about is money and power. Insensitive comments on everything under the sun have driven the youth away from the party like the plague (or like a coughing American in 2020).

5. Don’t Elect Any More Dictator-Wannabes


Aside from the kidnapping of babies and children whose parents were seeking a life free of violence and the American dream, and the horribly racist and divisive rhetoric of the president, the #1 thing that has driven people away from the Republican Party in the past 4 years has been a society-threatening, democracy-destroying, haunting march toward authoritarianism. I know, people who don’t follow politics closely didn’t pick up on this as much as politicos. But for those of us who do pay close attention to policy and politics, it’s been chilling. It was by far the #1 concern of Republicans and former Republicans who formed groups like The Lincoln Project, Republican Voters Against Trump, and 43 Alumni for Joe Biden. (Watch this video for much more on the topic.)

6. Stop Trying To Take Health Insurance Away From Millions Of People

Seriously — what is your obsession with forcing people off of health insurance? It’s horrible, immoral, and definitely not Christian.

7. Focus On The Middle Class, Not The Rich

If you want to dramatically cut taxes again, do it for the middle class, not the super wealthy.

Well, taxes are already so dramatically low that our deficit has blown a hole in the floor, basement, nuclear bunker, and some deep layers of the earth. So, it’s hard to imagine more tax cuts even if you support cutting taxes. In any case, though, people are not totally stupid — those of us in the middle class can see that Donald Trump’s ginormous tax cuts did approximately nothing for us while destroying the federal deficit. Sooner or later, more people will catch on to the fact that the Republican Party is only the party of billionaires and multimillionaires. Everyone else gets thrown under the bus. 


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