VOLTA Creates Smart Cables To Save Your Devices And Has A Social Mission

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The tech fanatics at VOLTA are back with a new line of USB charging products that bring an entirely new lineup of durable USB cables with features you care about. The military-grade nylon braided cables ensure a long life, but the real innovation is down at the ends of the cable. VOLTA is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for the UNIVERSAL cable — learn more and join in here.

One USB Cable To Rule Them All

VOLTA makes the USB cable truly universal once and for all, with a single, standard cable that magnetically clips onto a wide range of different VOLTA magnetic connectors that you leave plugged into each of your devices. The result is a drastically improved experience where you’re no longer left searching for — or caring about — what type of connection the device you want to charge uses. Just snap the magnetic cable onto the VOLTA magnetic connector in your device and, bam, you’re charging. Check out the video below from VOLTA to see how their slick cables and VOLTA magnetic connectors work.

USB standards seem to change with every new phone or device we get these days, and VOLTA’s approach to building high quality, reinforced cables that can stand the test of time and simply replacing the little dongle that snaps into the device itself seems like an obvious, but brilliant, solution. Adding the bi-directional magnetic connections for ease and safety takes the solution to the next level and would almost sell the solution by itself.

Image courtesy VOLTA.

A New & Improved Lineup

In 2020, VOLTA introduced the second generation, with more durable cables with supporting USB-C. Data transfer speeds are often underappreciated with USB cables, with some USB cables only supporting power. This road inevitably leads to a tangled drawer of USB cables from devices long passed on to friends, eBay, or the recycle bin. You know exactly what drawer I’m talking about. We all have one. The Spark aims to fix that, with a single cable with support for Data Transfer USB 2.0 for speeds at up to 480 Mb/s.

Image courtesy VOLTA.

The new line brings the full potential of USB-C charging to bear for all your devices. It supports advanced USB-C capabilities including Power Delivery 2.0 and Quick Charge 3.0, with charging speeds at up to 18W for USB-C to USB-C and lightning connections, or 10W in a USB-C to micro USB configuration. These high power capabilities ensure it is up to the task of charging high power devices like the current generation of Apple’s MacBook Pros and more.

Built To Last

Buying a single set of USB cables that is built to last and can be upgraded for any future standard those smart folks in Palo Alto or Shanghai dream up not only preserves our sanity, it is more sustainable. VOLTA’s cables are built with a military spec weave around the cable to increase overall strength, with a reinforced collar around the neck to distribute any twisting and turning evenly without damage to the cable. The shielding is composed of anti-scratch aluminum for an overall package that VOLTA estimates to be 10 times stronger than standard USB cables.

VOLTA Charger — VOLTA Spark. Image courtesy VOLTA.

That eliminates the need to add some quick fixes like tape or silicone to the inevitably weak ends of USB cables. The braided sheathing helps mitigate some of the worst tangles as they rattle around in backpacks, drawers, and pockets. Just as important, VOLTA isn’t just talk, backing their products with an impressive lifetime warranty that shirks the typical expectations that we replace all our tech gear every few years on a never-ending cycle of consumerism.

Social Action

While not a household name (yet), VOLTA is already raising the bar on social action with three major philanthropic programs aimed at improving health in developing communities, distributing food, and supporting education with meaningful, tangible donations. That’s a powerful statement from a young company that makes it clear they are truly focused on improving the lives of humans all around the world, not just their customers (though they do take care of them as well!).

Image courtesy VOLTA.


Roll together a solid lineup of products, make them as durable as possible, and season it up with a mission-based approach to helping humanity — this is what the VOLTA team looks like to me. I don’t need any charging cables right now and I’m not a fan of buying things just to have more things, but when it’s time for a new cable, I know where I’m heading.

Yeah, I know, USB cables aren’t going to change the world, but if everyone working on the things they are most passionate about makes them just a little bit more sustainable everyday, that’s progress. That’s clean tech and that’s why we exist. The future is now.

Check out VOLTA’s Indiegogo campaign, which features the Universal cable that fast charges all USB-C PD devices, including the iPhone X series and MacBook Pro.

This article is sponsored by Volta Charger. All images provided by the company and used with permission.


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