Test Driving A Tesla Model Y During The Pandemic — Review From Model 3 & Model X Owners

Trevor of Tesla Owners Online recently explored Tesla’s touchless test drive experience. With a pandemic going on, many are going contact-less or touchless to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including Tesla. Trevor and his wife, Beverly, were both in the video wearing their masks as he explained why he test drove a Tesla Model Y.

Trevor and Beverly wanted to share their experience with Tesla’s touchless test driving and how it works. The car they test drove was an all-wheel-drive Model Y with a black-on-black exterior/interior and the 20 inch wheels. The first thing Trevor noticed about the Model Y was that it was a bit noisy. He noted that it was hot outside and he had to use the air conditioner, which led to the noise. “I can hear the heat pump. It actually makes more noise than my car does,” Trevor said. This is something one of the first reviewers of the Model Y, who also had a Model 3, noted to CleanTechnica.

The family owns both a Model X and a Model 3, and they noted that it felt more like the Model X in height. “Feels more like the Model X,” Beverly agreed. Trevor felt that driving the Model Y after driving the Model 3 continuously was an odd feeling. Their take on the vehicle was that it looked like the Model 3 but felt like the Model X.

Quick Thoughts On The Model Y

The Seats

There was a short and cute debate as to whether or not the seats in the Model Y were more comfortable than the seats in the Model 3. Trevor noted they were the same seats as in the Model 3, but Beverly felt more comfortable in them. It could be that both are right. As the reviewer noted above, Dick Amacher, told us, the seats sit a bit higher in the Model Y than the Model 3, and Trevor noted this as well. Dick emphasized that made for a different feel, a more comfortable seating position. That extra space to the ground might have made a noticeable difference for Beverly as well.

Steering & Headroom

Beverly noted that the steering seemed harder in the Model Y than Trevor’s 3. Trevor explained that the center of gravity in the Y is higher. They also noticed that there was more room above the head.

The Glass Ceiling

Trevor’s design side came out and he explained that the glass roof was probably grey so that it would blend with the sky better, especially if the sun is out. He argued that black would look great visually and he would have made it black but that grey blends better. “I might be wrong. Elon, if you’re watching, let us know. Am I right?” Trevor asked.

I may not be Elon, but working with a variety of minerals in my art outside of CleanTechnica, I use grey as a neutral background when it’s time to take photos and add them to my store. Grey makes bold and vivid colors pop beautifully while not detracting from the style. It draws the eyes toward the center or focal points of what you are presenting visually.

Will The Model Y Sell?

“If I were in the market for an SUV and didn’t need a pickup truck, this is the car to get. This thing is going to sell like crazy,” Trevor said. It is selling well so far, it seems, plus Tesla recently lowered its prices on the Model Y due to manufacturing improvements and Elon Musk announced a lower-priced single-motor Model Y that is coming soon. Overall, Tesla has long said that it expects the Model Y to sell better than the Model 3, Model S, and Model X combined, and we’ve seen nothing to contradict that but many people agreeing with the prediction.

I Laughed Out Loud 

Trevor and Beverly’s adventures with the Tesla glovebox had me cackling. You’ll have to watch that. It was mostly Trevor’s facial expressions that gave me the giggles.

Quality Issues

There were some quality issues that Trevor highlighted in the video. Trevor noted that the black had lots of “orange peel” in the paint as well as the panels not lining up. This could be due to Tesla rushing the production a bit just after the Covid lockdown. “I have very high confidence that they will fix this stuff, but these are the kind of things you have to look for if you’re buying an early production car,” Trevor explained. That particular Model Y was made just last month. The hood was also misaligned and opened.

Tesla’s Touchless Test Drive Process

Want to test drive a Tesla? The first thing you have to do is set up your test driving session.

The link is a simple form that asks you the basics. Once you fill that out, you get the option of choosing a car to test drive. After that, choose your nearest service center or showroom.

For Trevor, Tesla emailed them around an hour later with the instructions for setting up the drive. Usually, part of this requires turning in documentation, but Tesla made it easy by allowing them to submit their documentation through the phone.

“When we arrived here, we parked our car and walked inside,” Trevor explained. Of course, they were following social distancing guidelines and wearing their masks. He noted there is no need to touch pens or anything like that — everything is done through the phone with an e-sign document. The only thing you touch are the zipped plastic bags that the keycards are in.

Their Final Thoughts

Trevor’s Thoughts

Trevor’s take was that it was a great experience and very smooth. “It’s not like a traditional dealer where you gotta deal with a sales guy, they take your driver’s license and all that paperwork and they’re touching everything. First the sales guy wants to come with you and he’s hanging out and breathing over your neck. He’s trying to make a sale.”

Beverly’s Thoughts

“I think for the average consumer, the Model Y is better than the Model 3 unless you’re looking for a sports car that’s going to drive really fast and perform like a sports car. I think this one feels roomier. It seems easy enough to drive. Everything about it is likable and I like the idea of sitting up high. It’s more comfortable of a ride and will be better for kids sitting in the back.”

Regarding the Model X, Beverly thinks that if it’s in your budget, it’s worth the extra $30,000 more than the Model Y. Go big or go home, is what I say when buying something nice for myself.

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