Possibility Of Tesla Interior Camera Recording Video During Break-In Or Collision On Firmware 2020.24.5

There is a possibility that Tesla’s interior camera will now record video during a break-in or a collision. This new feature, if the translations are correct, are in Firmware 2020.24.5.

This information comes from a tweet by Qich Z on Twitter who replied to Teslascope about the rollout. The tweet was a simple image, but everything was in Chinese. This seems to have gone unnoticed by most, but someone shared their thoughts in a Reddit post along with the translation. 

Redditor Brandude87 noted that the Google translation was poor but the Chinese release notes showed that the interior camera will record video during an accident or break-in. He’s not sure if this means that the video will be a part of Sentry Mode and Dashcam videos, though. His translation via Google is as follows with a slight edit to remove what I thought was the name of a customer as well as spelling:

“Sharing the data of (name removed) helps Tesla continue to improve vehicle safety. This update will allow the use of a built-in driver’s cab camera above the rearview mirror. When enabled, Tesla will automatically record images and short videos before a collision or security incident, helping the project develop security features and complete performance improvements. As usual, if you want to share a few preferences. Click “Control>Safety & Security>Data Sharing>Allow driving room camera analysis. Note: In order to protect your privacy, e-room camera images and video settings will not be related to your vehicle ID. R version It was fixed and asked to repair.”

I think that this could be a pretty sweet feature that is separate from Sentry Mode. I could be wrong — it could actually be part of Sentry Mode — but if we are talking about the interior camera, then this isn’t a normal Sentry camera, as those are located on the outside of the vehicle.

Having your car automatically start recording during an accident or a break-in is genius. I have an idea to add to that as well — if anyone at Tesla is reading this. How about we have the interior cameras automatically start recording when police pull the car over? After all, Autopilot cameras can definitely be trained to recognize emergency and police vehicles — perhaps having the car be able to tell when a police officer is pulling someone over, it can automatically record. Let’s take it a step further — have the car record and notify an emergency contact that the customer is being pulled over by police.

This may seem extreme but due to the fallout from the George Floyd protests, it’s clear to see that there are many who work in law enforcement who have no problem abusing their power. Sure, there are good people in the police force, but better to be safe than sorry.

Naturally, these are also matters of privacy, so the owner of the car should have the option to use the features (turn them on) or not, as they currently have with Sentry Mode.

Top photo by Zach Shahan/CleanTechnica

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