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Published on April 7th, 2020 | by Johnna Crider


Wicked Tesla China Video Explains Why Chinese Customers Love Tesla

April 7th, 2020 by  

Tesla is making deliveries in China and has rolled out a new video highlighting the experiences of Chinese Tesla customers and why they chose Tesla over so many other electric and fossil-fueled vehicle on the market there (China has an abundance of option not seen elsewhere in the world). One new owner, an apparent rapper, described Autopilot as “spa-like.” His bangin’ rap song about Tesla, which he apparently wrote before getting a Tesla, had my neighbors — who were outside power washing our sidewalks, steps, and doors with bleach water — bobbing their heads.

“Jay in Shanghai,” a popular Tesla supporter on Twitter, translated the Tesla China promo video for his fans over here in the USA, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere.

Stories from customers show their happiness as they receive their Model 3s and talking about their Model 3s. “Delivery is like mail service, straight to your home,” says social media user @RoseDoggy_.

The rapper who wrote “Tesla,” being interviewed at his workplace, MENGYANG Studio. “Why I wrote the song called Tesla? Actually, when I was writing it, what I wanted to express is to ignore all the voices and focus on yourself. Why I chose the Model 3? Because the feeling it brings me is cool. Another very important point is that the price is reasonable for me. I ordered straight after I checked it on my phone. And just now I got the largest parcel. I feel it is so convenient and it is our future lifestyle. I think Tesla is a cool brand and it is a very good tool to use to express myself. And it is a very good tool to express myself with. People check you out while you drive a Tesla on the road.”

Another Tesla customer said that people feel like cars made by traditional manufacturers are more trustworthy, but that in his experience, compared with other EV brands, Tesla is the most trustworthy. He also addressed a concern that many discuss when switching to EVs — the driving experience. He says it is different but is easier to drive and more comfortable. What also sets it apart is Tesla’s infotainment system. Nobody else has anything like it.

One customer said that he believes in the “Made in China” motto and also believes in Tesla. With Tesla building a base in China, he could support both with a Made in China Tesla. “When you go experience it yourself, then you will understand.”

The reasons Chinese Tesla owners have a Tesla and love it are the same as the reasons American Tesla owners, European Tesla owners, Australian Tesla owners, and others love their Teslas. The positive experience of a Tesla is not specific to any particular race or nationality. It’s the Tesla experience no matter where you are.


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