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Published on March 8th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Porsche Soul, Electrified — My Review of the 2020 Porsche Taycan

March 8th, 2020 by  

By Rodney Watkins, founder and CEO of Black Excellence

Porsche is known for producing elegant but powerful vehicles with the kind of blood-flowing horsepower and torque that you can spot and feel from a mile away. However, the company’s first car ever was actually a lot quieter. In fact, Ferdinand Porsche decided to launch his first vehicle under his future powerhouse brand as an electric car known as the Lorne-Porsche. Despite such ambitious engineering, the vehicle weighed 8,000 pounds and could only travel 59 miles. Thus, it was eventually shelved — much to Mr. Porsche’s chagrin — but he always felt that one day it would be refined and reborn to truly accelerate the world into a quieter and cleaner future.

That day is today, thanks to the 2020 Porsche Taycan.

I had the opportunity recently to see the automotive marvel at one of the legendary automaker’s premier dealerships, Porsche Arlington, in Northern Virginia. Fortunately, I had the world’s best client advisor, Leandro Rodriguez, give me a wonderful view and experience with the much-praised vehicle, whose name in German means “little horse.” However, this sleek, magnanimous sedan is too incredible to have that word attached to it.

One is immediately drawn to the Taycan’s smooth but vaunt body, which has the curves and contours that one always expects from the brand. One might say that it is similar to its gasoline cousin, the Panamera, but this all changes once you enter the vehicle, as the cabin elicits a singular response — “Wow.” The pictures speak for themselves.

Once one has a seat inside the breathtaking interior, there is an immediate draw to the car’s three touchscreens, which includes one in the dashboard, one in the center, and one in the console near the cupholders. This is completely different from the large, do-everything center screen that one would find in a Tesla Model S (its most immediate and fitting competitor). Oddly, such a great array is not ostentatious or overwhelming, as Porsche was sure to blend the screens within to give a more traditional feel even while providing a futuristic twist that puts one very at ease.

On the more technical side, the Taycan has a 93.4-kilowatt battery that produces a mouth-watering 616 horsepower and 774 pound-feet of torque that makes the vehicle sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 2.6 seconds (which, yes, is faster than its 911 cousin and close to a Bugatti Veyron that has double the horsepower). The only difference? You hear a subtle but exciting whirring sound before you are launched to the stratosphere. It’s no surprise why longtime brand fan Bill Gates already has one.

Other notable features include all-wheel drive with a 2-speed automatic driving along with some amazing 270 kilowatt, 800-volt charging technology that allows the Taycan to achieve 0 to 80% charging within 23 minutes. They Taycan will soon be able to charge at 189 Porsche dealerships across North America or at the 800 fast-charging stations in the Electrify America network. The Taycan actually comes with a complimentary three-year unlimited charging membership with Electrify America. 

Mr. Rodriguez informed me that demand for the awe-inspiring saloon has been incredible, with all of its stock already sold out despite the fact that the vehicles first arrived in the dealership only last month. More are expected to come in the summer, but good luck grabbing one of them. The only current model available is the Turbo (which starts off at $150,900, and the one at the dealership having a price of approximately $167,000). The base version (plainly named the “S”) will be released in the next few months at a starting price of $103,800. Porsche indicates it has already secured 30,000 reservations, with 10,000 in production for immediate release. 

One could go on and on about the vehicle, but one point remains clear — the venerable company has not disappointed with this selection. It proves once again that the age of the electric vehicle has arrived. It may be quiet, but please be assured that it has soul as its gas cousins do. It’s just been electrified.

Rodney Watkins is the founder and CEO of Black Excellence, a green technology solutions firm based in the Washington, DC area. Mr. Watkins is also associated with Obsidian, a startup that utilizes an exclusive fleet of environmentally-friendly vehicles to provide ridesharing and delivery services that is currently seeking suppliers, partners, and investors. For more information, please visit obsidiancars.com or send a quick message to info@blackexcellence.solutions 

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