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Climate Change Man on the Earth

Published on March 4th, 2020 | by Johnna Crider


New Study Shows 55+ Age Group Most Likely To Take Climate & Environmental Action

March 4th, 2020 by  

Many people 55 and older are aware of their impact on the climate and are actually the ones most likely to recycle, according to a new study by Aviva.

Man on the Earth

Image by Andy Miles, CleanTechnica.

The study was conducted in the UK by Aviva and it shows that 84% of people over 55 are likely to recycle waste. 38% are likely to reduce car usage for the environment, and 24% are likely to reduce how often they use air travel. Aviva surveyed more than 4,000 UK adults and in almost every category, the 55+ crowd showed that they are most likely to take steps in regards to climate or environmental action.

Shopping locally is high on the list as well. 63% agreed that they would buy from local suppliers. 37% said they would grow their own gardens or plant trees. 66% said they would avoid using single-use plastic items such as sporks, styrofoam cups, and plastic bags. 76% agreed that they would give unwanted items to charity shops.

One thing to note is that Aviva made a comment about Greta Thunberg mobilizing the younger generation to embrace climate consciousness and our impacts via our day to day lives. The comment reflects that young people may not be the biggest leaders when it comes to green topics, but I think what this study shows is that a large number of people from every demographic is paying attention to their impact on the climate. Greta has greatly helped this cause, with older generations as well as younger ones, and so have companies such as Tesla by leading the EV revolution and making solar a better choice for consumers.

“Green living and climate-conscious behaviors are often seen as the domain of the young, but this research suggests that older people are quietly leading the charge and taking steps to care for the planet. Whether we’re reducing plastic, growing our own food or reducing how often we travel, we can all take small steps which can add up to a big difference.” —Zelda Bentham,  Aviva Group Head of Sustainability

Despite our own President’s dismissal of environmental protections and concerns, I believe that more and more people are waking up. Whether or not they think it’s a hoax or a real concern, people are seeing their own impact on the world around them. We should continue to encourage our friends, neighbors, and family to recycle, go green, and do things that are great for the environment and communities. 


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