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Published on February 23rd, 2020 | by Johnna Crider


Tesla Cyberbubbles — Another Fun Idea For Elon Musk

February 23rd, 2020 by  

Cyberbubbles are a fun new idea for the Tesla Cybertruck and could be a fun way to safely “bubble roll” diesel vehicles on the road. After all, diesel drivers sometimes coal roll people, especially people in Priuses and Teslas. The law in at least some states is apparently pretty lax on that. Their stance is, “eh, whatever,” even though temporary blindness while driving could prove fatal. Imagine this: you’re driving along and the truck in front of you spews out this toxic black smog and you can’t see. [Editor’s note: I’ve had this happen to me.] You stop and the car behind you doesn’t see that quickly enough (perhaps while looking at the smoke) and smashes you from behind. If there’s heavy traffic, this could cause a pileup. All it takes is a few seconds.

With bubbles, at least we can see through them. Cyberbubbles? Why not?

However, I am actually divided on this simply for safety. Sorry, Earl (and others), not trying to steal joy here, I promise. I wear glasses and sometimes when I am washing my dishes, a soap bubble escapes and I see a flash of light moving in the air. I immediately look up. It may take a second or two as I watch the bubble make its way into my ceiling or window. When you are driving, that could also be dangerous. However, people drive while on their phones and don’t even look in front of them, so perhaps that worry of mine is just inane. Who will see the bubbles when looking at their phones?

It would be a fun way to get back at those doing the coal rolling, but how do you know the person behind you has ever rolled coal before? What if they haven’t? There’s an extremely high chance they haven’t. We don’t really want to be like those who coal roll, do we? But then again, bubbles bring joy and lighten the mood. Perhaps they would help lessen road rage. In Baton Rouge, a pastor crashed into an 18-wheeler and then pulled out a gun and shot at the driver in a fit of road rage, then fled the scene. The shooter was later identified as the pastor of a local church here. Yeah, I am all for more bubbles and fewer bullets and road rage.

Bubbles are fun, and I am sure many would giggle at bubbles all over the highway — this is why I’m divided. Silly safety worry aside, I think it would be hilarious and the Cybertruck would be an even bigger hit at parties. I can imagine it at Mardi Gras for sure — a truck with bubbles coming out of the tailpipe would be a hit. It would also be a fun feature to add while parked at Superchargers, or at events one may attend, such as tailgating during football season. Also, bubbles would be a better alternative to, say, glitter or silly string. At least with bubbles you don’t pollute the roads with litter.

If Elon was to actually do this, TSLAQ (people on Twitter betting that Tesla will go bankrupt) would have a field day complete with frisbees and cake. How many conspiracy theories and safety concerns could they think up!

When it comes down to it, even though I tweeted my concerns, I am definitely down for Cyberbubbles. 
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