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Published on February 10th, 2020 | by Johnna Crider


A New Tesla Model 3 Commercial In Chinese

February 10th, 2020 by  

There is a new commercial for the Made-In-China Tesla Model 3 out, but it’s not known if Tesla produced this or a fan did. It’s most likely produced by a fan. The original Weibo video was posted by the user New Travel Editor.

The video starts with a group playing Mahjong. After a while, the camera slowly starts to pull back until you can see that it is actually a video of the group playing. The video is being watched from the screen inside a Model 3. After a tiny pause, the camera pulls back again to show that this was a video of a video being watched inside the Model 3–and this video of the video being watched was also being watched inside the Model 3. It’s like the Russian dolls of watching videos from inside a Model 3.

The video was posted to Reddit and the user provided a translation of the post text: “This Tesla commercial highly recommended, watched many times. The new V10.2 software upgrade includes B station (?), Tencent Chess, Youku, and Baidu Map, all tailored to Chinese countrywide only audience.”

If Tesla produced the video, it would be one of the first in such a commercial style — which is not really Tesla’s thing. Tesla often produces videos for its website and Twitter page — many companies do this. Currently, they are mostly about owner testimonials, and they are not aired on TV or elsewhere as advertisements.

Every Tesla vehicle that gets made is quickly sold, and the company is often mentioned by the media, by celebrities who own a Tesla and happily promote the brand by either featuring a Tesla in their music videos (think of Jaden Smith and Travis Scott) or elsewhere. Tesla has become a household name here in the US and its vehicles keep rolling out of the factories and into people’s homes.

All in all, this is a pretty unique video that is unique to Chinese culture. The game the group is playing is called Mahjong, which originated in China around 2,500 or so years ago according to rumors. However, the oldest historical record of the game was found in the 1880s. 

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