Tesla’s Critics Are In Denial About Gigafactory 3’s Stamping Press

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Tesla’s critics are in denial about Gigafactory 3’s stamping press, as they have been about many things. Silly, huh? Some of the FUD regarding Tesla’s third Gigafactory in Shanghai claims that the factory isn’t real and it’s not operational. Yes, we’re entering flatearther territory. But let’s give this a moment.

Critics who believe that Tesla isn’t really operational in China base their “facts” upon the idea that there is no stamping press at Giga 3, so the team in China is only assembling vehicles using pre-stamped panels from Fremont.


Fortunately, Jay in Shanghai has come and shed some light on the actual truth. The clip he shared on Twitter is a short version of a longer one you can watch on YouTube. In this clip, there is a very busy stamping press operating in the Shanghai Gigafactory. Just to show you how far these critics will go in their radical conspiracy theories (one would think we are talking about the government and not a company here), there was another image of Giga 3’s printing press released in Tesla’s press images and the critics all claimed that it was really a photo of the Fremont factory, even though in the same images you could see the bare concrete, a sign indicating that the photo was taken inside the Shanghai facility (since, at the time, the interior was still under construction).


Tesla’s critics are in many cases real, genuine people. (Some are surely paid trolls.) Some of these people have prominent, influential roles in the media. These critics have many followers who subscribe to their echo chamber, and some actually believe that Giga 3 is still a mud field despite the fact that Tesla has now started delivering Made-In-China Model 3 vehicles from there. It seems that denial has set in and not even video and photo evidence can break free those who insist on throwing anti-Tesla nonsense out there.

We saw similarly misleading claims with regards to Tesla Model 3 production in Fremont, Model 3 demand and deliveries — “parking lots full of unwanted and/or inoperable Teslas!

We saw various pessimistic and conspiratorial claims about the Model 3 for years before it was introduced, and about the Model X, and more recently about Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla rooftop solar tiles, Tesla gigafactories (all of them), the Tesla Model Y, the Tesla Semi, and the Tesla Cybertruck.

If it was one simple case of craziness, it might be less relevant and not worth covering. But the point is that these smear campaigns make their way to many in the public, who then have incorrect assumptions about Tesla. Some claims don’t go far. Others have a seemingly never-ending run. And they add up. Also, if there ever is a serious matter to worry about, Tesla fans are not going to believe it because of all these instances of critics “crying wolf.” From what we’ve seen before, even a major news site might pick up these claims about Tesla not having a stamping press in Giga 3 and present them as a possibility. Crazier things have been published in some of these outlets.

The good news is that larger portions of the market seem to be waking up to the scam. There’s much broader awareness this year so far that so much of the negative hype about Tesla was nonsense. As of this year, Tesla’s short sellers have lost billions of dollars this month betting against TSLA. Big money movers have decided they’ve heard enough of the FUD and are not buying it. As a small-time Tesla investor, I say, sure, keep believing that there is no stamping press in Tesla’s Shanghai factory — all of us who are long Tesla will say as the trolls have told me in the past, “Thank you for your money.”

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