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Clean Transport cybertruck replica

Published on January 22nd, 2020 | by Johnna Crider


Tesla Cybertruck Replicas Are Here!

January 22nd, 2020 by  

Tesla Cybertruck replicas are everywhere. Tesla’s Cybertruck isn’t in production yet, but we are seeing it everywhere. Replicas, printouts, even photoshopped art. It seems the first Cybertruck replica was seen in Russia, which heralded the beginning of a trend. The Cybertruck replica was first seen in Khimki, which is just outside of Moscow.

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Meanwhile in Russia

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Russian YouTubers from Garage 54 created the best replica of the Cybertruck so far. This version uses an older UAZ chassis for its base.

Another YouTuber took a Ford F-150, added some cardboard and paint, and pranked some folks at a Tesla store in Atlanta. Yes, they actually seemed to believe it was a Cybertruck when seen from a distance. He didn’t have a truck, so he rented one after pointing out how ’80s-metal-band-like the Cybertruck sounded like. He and his friend went to Home Depot, scored some free cardboard, bought silver spray paint, and built the Cybertruck right in the parking lot of the Home Depot. It’s amazing what spray paint, duct tape, and cardboard can do to a Ford F-150.

Oddly, I was the 23,999th person to view their video.

After doing a quick Google search on “Cybertruck Replicas,” I found out a lot of interesting things. For example, people are making and selling them on Etsy. You can buy a scaled-down model for just over $50. The Etsy seller points out that this isn’t a Tesla-approved item and is a fan-made product. It’s a handmade item that is 20 cm long, 8.5 cm wide, and 7 cm high.

Observer calls them “Cyberfakes” and even shares a story about a Dodge Ram “Cybertruck” in El Salvador. There’s also the “Cyber” golf cart and an electric Go Kart Cybertruck.

Many often forget that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The Tesla Cybertruck will keep on inspiring others, whether they are automakers, artists, or random people who want to use duct tape, cardboard, and spray paint to try to make their own versions of the Cybertruck. This is proof that Tesla is leading the auto industry not just into the electric revolution, but also in terms of style, grace, and class.

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