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Published on January 5th, 2020 | by Johnna Crider


Plans for Tesla Gigafactory 4, According to Sound Emission Prognosis

January 5th, 2020 by  

Plans for Tesla’s Gigafactory 4 (GF4) in Berlin/Brandenburg include 24/7 production, 3 shifts of 2,828 personnel, 326 material trucks + 4 full trains per day, and 137 outgoing car transporters + 2 full trains per day, according to a document in German shared by a Twitter user, Aeon De. Aeon De shared a sweet multi-tweet thread translating key points from the document.

There will also be 199 truck movements per day between material supply trains and production facilities, and there will be 1,370 care movements each day moving from production to intermediate storage parking, plus 1,429 test track care movements.

Aeon De also mentions building sizes and chimney heights for the first phase, which come from this page.

The translations for the table in the tweet (reading across) are: height, width, length, unknown, chimney height over the building top, and chimney height overground. Translations reading down are: Main Building (I assume Hauptgebaude) and Central Utilities Building. So, from reading this graph, one can see that the main building will be 24.3 meters long, 300 meters wide, and 740 meters tall.

The tweets above show us how much of the forest will be removed to make space for the building. It also shows us how much space the building will take up. Additionally, there is a summary of the environmental impact study here.

Aeon De spent quite a bit of time translating the documents. You can read the entire thread here. These plans for GF4 show that Tesla is moving pretty quickly, aiming to get things done at a similar speed as the company did with GF3, and I think it’s safe to say that we could see by the end of 2020 a fully functional GF4 in Germany. So far, we haven’t seen anyone forecasting that it would just be a muddy lot and empty field (or forest).

The video below is by NextMove and shows a look at the site where Tesla plans to build GF4. Perhaps NextMove will be Germany’s “Gigafisherman.”


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