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Published on December 15th, 2019 | by Chanan Bos


Tesla’s Cybertruck Makes A Garage Obsolete — Here’s Why

December 15th, 2019 by  

Many of us are now in a predicament, because Tesla made a vehicle that was made for people who need (or want) a large vehicle, but they made it so cool that many people with normal-sized cars want one too. On the internet, this has resulted in a bunch of things, like people realizing that the Cybertruck doesn’t fit in their garages. It has also resulted in people asking Elon for a smaller Cybertruck. Personally, I think that what these people really want is a Cyber SUV, but that is a whole other discussion.

It’s difficult to pinpoint when the garage was first invented, so to speak, because the elite long had buildings to house their luxurious horse carriages and those buildings were easily re-purposed to serve as the garage for the “horseless carriage,” with the main purpose being to protect the sensitive vehicle from the elements. Quickly time travel to the modern day — most houses come with a garage and it serves multiple car-related purposes as well as being an area for general storage of stuff, repair tools, gardening tools, and the occasional startup. When it comes to car-related purposes, let me show you some benefits of the garage together with how the Cybertruck makes this obsolete.


When it comes to keeping the Cybertruck snow-free during the winter, have you seen the shape of the Cybertruck? It’s a triangle — you take a stick and in two quick swoops you throw it all onto the ground (just make sure to keep the bed closed). The rough shape of the Cybertruck makes it absolutely ideal for quickly cleaning the snow. Small bonus: have you seen the new windshield wiper Tesla has patented? The windshield makes up for most of the front — the vehicle might be able to clean most of the snow off on its own.

Cabin Temperature

Another reason for keeping the car in a garage in the winter is keeping the interior warm so that you don’t get too cold when you enter it. Hello? This is a Tesla — you can either tell it to keep the interior at a certain temperature or simply pre-heat it before leaving you house, or even your bed for that matter. Actually, with Tesla’s new “Scheduled Departure” feature, you don’t have to do a single thing.

Keeping windows defrosted

The third reason for putting the car into a garage in winter is keeping the windows defrosted so you can immediately get underway. Once again, the windows can be pre-heated before you leave.

Making sure you can start the engine when it’s cold. Wait, what?

I don’t think I need to explain this one. This is for sure the time to have a good laugh at the internal combustion engine.

You don’t need a garage but you could use a carport

There is one argument that remains — getting into your car without getting wet from rain. For that, a garage is ideal and a great comfort, but if the Cybertruck doesn’t fit, don’t go back to Elon for a mini version — build a carport!

If you have a garage, just build the carport to extend directly from the garage. An added bonus is that you might even be able to put some more solar panels onto the carport.


Michael Knight would be proud. Plenty of room for the cheeseburgers! from TeslaPorn

The final reason why people like garages is to ensure the safety of their vehicles. What is important here is to separate the different threats to your vehicle.

If you have set up “pin to drive” on your Tesla, it’s pretty much impossible to steal, so that is no longer a concern.

If you are afraid someone will vandalize the car, well, that is equally difficult considering how tough this vehicle is built.

Although, you may still be a bit concerned about people jumping over your fence just to test how durable the car is, but at least you will have them on camera thanks to Sentry Mode. And I’m sure some day the car will be able to persuade people not to mess with it. 

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